Reporting a Player

Lacrosse Victoria has recently updated our rules relating to how we deal with actions of misconduct

These actions can include a wide range of offences as classified under our Match Day Disciplinary By-Law, as well as other acts that LV may determine as needing review. LV strongly promotes fair and respectful play in accordance with our Code of Conduct and the Fair Play Code for all sport in Victoria.

A report should be lodged for consideration with LV for instances where a player is expelled from a game or where an official believes the rules of play do not adequately deal with the matter. Reports can also be made by individuals other than just the official, and all reports will be dealt with according to the specifics of the case. We strongly encourage everyone to report matters of a serious nature or concern to you as a participant in the sport. Even when you are not sure, the lodging of a report will assist LV and everyone to continue to promote fair play by ensuring that our sport's culture is one of respect, safety and accountability for your actions.

An appeal of a tribunal decision can be made to the Appeals Board. Please use the link below.

More information

If you have any further queries about the processes described on this page, please contact our General Manager using the following email address: