Lacrosse in the Commonwealth Games

Lacrosse has not yet been included in the Commonwealth Games, except that at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, there was an exhibition of lacrosse, Canada's national sport. The matches were played as the Box Lacrosse version, played indoors on a smaller ice hockey arena with six players in each team. Australia participated in that tournament.

It is mooted that Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is a contender to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games, the centenary of the first ever Commonwealth/ British Empire Games. If they are successful then lacrosse will be a very serious contender for inclusion.

The 2026 Commonwealth Games may feature Lacrosse Sixes

Lacrosse Victoria, with support from Lacrosse Australia, the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union and World Lacrosse, is proposing Lacrosse Sixes as the discipline of choice for inclusion in the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games.

It would be a great coup for Victoria and Australia if the Directors of the Board of the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee seized the opportunity to be the first government body to introduce the rapidly growing game of lacrosse to the world sporting stage.