Foundation & Support

The Victorian Lacrosse Foundation was established in 1999 for the purpose of establishing a reliable and permanent source of funds for the promotion and development of lacrosse in Victoria. The fund operates as a non-profit organisation, run by volunteer Trustees who are all Life Members of Lacrosse Victoria. Current Trustees are Sue Gandy, Rob Speakman, Doug Fox and Ferg Stewart.

The initial fund-raising target is $1.0m with the structure designed to maintain the capital and spend the interest earned in support of lacrosse in Victoria. The Fund is audited with its Annual Reports published in Lacrosse Victoria Inc. Annual Reports.

The schedule of Donors to the Fund will be kept as a permanent record of the generosity and financial support of the Donors for Victorian Lacrosse. It is updated regularly and can be accessed using the link below.

The Foundation is supported by the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), and tax effective donations can be made to Lacrosse Victoria through the ASF. (Refer the ASF portal here.)

Deposits can be made directly to the Foundation bank account: BSB 083 166 a/c 47 804 1928, or via the Trustees. Specifically, general enquiries or cheques payable to the Foundation can be made/sent to Mr Fergus Stewart at 36 Alta Street Canterbury, Vic 3126, enquiries to phone 0419 321 320.