Advisory Groups

The Board and General Manager currently operate with the support of specific Advisory Groups which focus on key areas of operation of Lacrosse.

These currently include:

  • Marketing and Promotions (Chairperson - Jessica Hay)
  • Growth and Participation (Chairperson - Peter O'Donnell)
  • High-Performance (Chairperson - Fergus Stewart)
  • People, Clubs and Volunteers (Chairperson - Karen Bruns)
  • Governance and Administration (Chairperson - Sarah Austin)

These groups provide critical advice and support. If you have any interest in joining these groups, please email

From time to time these Groups may change to better reflect the focus or current challenges of the Board, or the membership of the Groups change to reflect skills required or availability of the members.

In such cases the General Manager will make the requirements generally known and seek expressions of interest from the broad lacrosse community.