The Road to SL Qualifiers!

10 months ago

Image above is credited to Sportlaxoz

In the coming weeks, the Men’s State League and Men’s State League Reserves competitions will be recalibrated, thus, the road to the qualifying rounds begins!

After Round 9, Footscray, Williamstown, and MCC are at the top of the Men’s State League ladder while Malvern and Eltham go head-to-head for the number four spot and Camberwell and Brunswick battle it out for a spot in the top six.

The next two weeks will prove to be tough for both Brunswick and Camberwell. After a big 10-6 win against Camberwell, Brunswick takes on Caulfield and Chadstone over the next two rounds. Winning both games could propel Brunswick into the top six. In the 2022 season, Brunswick went 1-1 with both Caulfield and Chadstone. The Mustangs were victorious over Caulfield 11-8 the first time the teams met on the field but lost 15-9 the second. Similarly, Brunswick lost to Chadstone 14-12 in round seven of the 2022 season but later was able to win 11-10 in round 16.

Meanwhile, over the next two rounds Camberwell will face off against Footscray and MCC. To consolidate their position in the top six and remain in the State League competition, Camberwell must win both games. Camberwell currently has 20 points and occupies the number six spot on the ladder while Brunswick has 16 and sits in seventh with an all-important goal differential advantage. In the 2022 season, Camberwell lost to Footscray 12-6 in round 3 and 13-9 in round 12. Camberwell will also take on MCC, whose first season with a team Men’s State League team has proven to be tremendously successful. With 28 points, 93 goals for and only 87 against, MCC currently occupies the number three spot on the ladder and are certain to remain in the Men's State League competition after the recalibration.

While Malvern has a bye in round 10, round 11 will be an interesting game to watch as they take on Eltham, the number five seed, at Lower Eltham Park. Malvern, who currently sits in the number four spot on the ladder, and Eltham both have 24 points but an 18.38% differential.

Exciting games call for excited crowds, make sure to catch any of round 10’s games this weekend to support your club! Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend!

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