Senior Men's Grand Finals

7 months ago

Thats a wrap! The Senior Men's competitions have come to an end after some beautiful sunny days at Surrey Park Lacrosse Club and Malvern Lacrosse Club. In case you missed the action, see a short summary of each Grand Final below.

Community Cup
In a thrilling showdown between the titans of our Community Cup competition, the clash of the ages unfolded as the formidable Williamstown squad, unbeaten since round 9, squared off against the unyielding Eltham Lacrosse Club. The atmosphere was electric, and the anticipation palpable as these two juggernauts collided on the field.

The opening quarter was a nail-biter, with Williamstown drawing first blood in a tightly contested 2-1 exchange. Michael Kindred, a stalwart amongst the seagulls, and the young sensation Luke Comeadow both found the back of the net, leaving the crowd in awe. However, Eltham's Simon Rodgers showcased his prowess by responding with a goal, steadying his team's nerves.

As the battle raged on into the second quarter, Williamstown continued to assert their dominance, piling on an additional 3 goals to their tally. With a 5-1 scoreline at the main break, they had firmly established their supremacy on the field.

The third quarter witnessed Williamstown's relentless pursuit of victory, as they extended their lead to a commanding 9-1. Michael Sullivan, the driving force behind their offensive prowess, contributed with two goals, while Marcus Civelle and Damien Orr added singles, leaving Eltham struggling to mount a comeback.

Yet, true to the Panther's indomitable spirit, there was no surrender. In the final term, Andrew Miller, Al Mazzoleni, and Brett Cobb managed to breach Williamstown's defense, outscoring their rivals 3-1 in a valiant effort. However, the gap they needed to close proved insurmountable, with Williamstown emerging victorious with a final scoreline of 10-4.

In this epic clash of Community Cup titans, it was Williamstown who stood tall, their unyielding determination and clinical execution securing them a well-deserved victory.

Championship League Reserves
In what promised to be a must see top-of-the-table showdown between Camberwell and Melbourne University/Surrey Park, the Championship League Reserves Grand Final certainly lived up to the hype. As Camberwell, the favorites, took on MU/SP, the first quarter concluded with the score deadlocked at 2-2. Notably, Camberwell's seasoned veterans, Clinton Lander and Glenn Anderson, initiated the scoring for the home team, while MU/SP's counterparts managed to notch a goal each. It was a tightly contested opening period that left spectators eager for more.

The second quarter, however, saw a remarkable shift in momentum. MU/SP seemingly found a new gear, outclassing Camberwell with a 4-0 scoring spree, engineered by the likes of Andrew Burrett and Nick Anthony, thereby establishing a commanding 6-2 lead at halftime. The question on everyone's minds was whether Camberwell could mount a comeback or if MU/SP would maintain their composure under pressure.

As we ventured into the third quarter, the game mirrored the intensity of the opening period, with only Lander and Jake Allan managing to find the net for their respective teams. The three-quarter time score displayed a 7-3 lead in favour of MU/SP. Once again, it was the experienced Lander spearheading Camberwell's charge, singlehandedly contributing three goals in the final term, narrowing the deficit to just one goal.

Yet, despite Clinton and Camberwell's valiant efforts, it was MU/SP who demonstrated unwavering resolve, sealing their victory with a crucial goal, ultimately securing a two-goal lead with precious little time left for a potential comeback. In a thrilling climax, Melbourne University/Surrey Park emerged as the deserved champions of the Championship League Reserves competition.

This match was a testament to the competitive spirit and skill on display, keeping fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. Congratulations to MU/SP for their well-earned championship victory in a game that will be remembered for its fierce competition and dramatic moments on the field.

Championship League
In a riveting quest for redemption, Camberwell embarked on a determined mission to seize victory in the Championship League Grand Final. Their resolve was unwavering, spurred on by the heart-wrenching loss suffered by their Championship League Reserves team. However, standing in their way were the resolute challengers from Caulfield, a team that had boldly upset Altona with a single goal victory just a week prior.

From the very outset, Caulfield displayed their intent to maintain their scorching momentum. The opening quarter saw them netting the first two goals, courtesy of the adept Garrett Moser and Zander Elkins. This early surge provided Caulfield with a valuable two-goal cushion as the first quarter drew to a close.

Camberwell, to their credit, absorbed the initial onslaught and retaliated with fiery determination. The second term witnessed a spirited resurgence from Camberwell, as Brendan Croston, Aaron Hussain, and Joseph Pagliaro etched their names onto the scorers' sheet, tallying three consecutive goals. With a 3-2 scoreline, the stage was set for a thrilling second half.

The third quarter unfolded as a tense back-and-forth battle, where only Joseph Pagliaro of Camberwell managed to breach the defenses, as Australian Goalkeeper Sean Aaron stood impervious to further attacks following the first quarter.

The spectators were treated to an enthralling showcase of high-intensity, skillful play in a tightly contested match that would ultimately be decided in the final quarter. With the scoreline hanging precariously at 4-2, it was all up for grabs.

Caulfield's Jakob Barden seized the moment, stepping up with a brace of goals in the closing term. However, he found his equal in Camberwell's Brendan Croston, and once again, the relentless Joseph Pagliaro found the mark. Camberwell's defense held strong against Caulfield's relentless offensive push, ultimately emerging victorious with a final score of 7-4.

In a contest that showcased grit, determination, and skill, Camberwell's road to redemption culminated in a well-deserved triumph, securing the Championship Grand Final with a three-goal lead

State League Reserves
In a highly anticipated showdown, the top two teams in the competition clashed in the ultimate showdown of the season. The undefeated Williamstown faced off against the relentless Footscray squad, who had only suffered two defeats since the early rounds. The Grand Final was poised for an exhilarating climax right from the start.

The opening quarter was a nail-biting affair, characterized by intense pressure, where goals were at a premium. It was young sensation Angus Menzies who broke the ice, notching the first goal of the game for the Williamstown Seagulls. The second quarter continued in the same back-and-forth fashion, with neither team managing to establish a decisive lead. Thomas Garnsworthy of Williamstown managed to find the back of the net twice, offering his team a slight advantage, but Footscray's top scorer during the regular season, Jay Coster, promptly responded to put the Bulldogs on the scoreboard. As the first half came to a close, the score was deadlocked at 3-1, emphasizing just how evenly matched these teams were.

The third quarter saw a continuation of the tight contest, as Kyle Morlang extended Williamstown's lead with a goal, while Garnsworthy completed his hat-trick. Dane Kowal struck a remarkable goal for Footscray, narrowing the gap to 5-2 as they headed into the final quarter.

With the championship hanging in the balance, it was the minor premiers, Williamstown, who seized control of the game, and the floodgates burst open. Blake Taylor and Matthew Price of Williamstown both scored twice, creating an insurmountable lead for the Seagulls. Josh Gordon, Morlang, and Menzies also joined the scoring party. The final quarter turned into a one-sided affair, with Williamstown dominating 7-1, and only Jay Coster managed to find the net for the Bulldogs.

In the end, Williamstown emerged as the victors of the State League Reserves competition, with a commanding 12-3 scoreline, preserving their flawless season record. This victory solidified their status as the premier team in the league, capping off a remarkable campaign

State League
What an electrifying contest we witnessed in the pinnacle competition of our sport! Following their impressive upset victory over Williamstown the previous week, Malvern had the home advantage at the iconic Malvern Town Hall as they aimed to pull off yet another surprise by defeating their cross-town rivals, Footscray. The Bulldogs, with only one loss all season, were in an excellent position to secure back-to-back State League titles.

The game burst into action with Angus Thompson-Pritchard winning the first face-off and quickly passing to the superstar, Mitchell Baker, who expertly found the back of the net within the opening 15 seconds. Footscray's formidable front line, featuring James Lawerson, Isaac Cahill, Peter Kwas, and Tom Mollison, responded swiftly, each contributing with goals in the first quarter. However, Malvern showed their composure as Joseph White opened his scoring account, and Baker netted his second of the game. At the end of the first quarter, only one goal separated the two teams. If the opening quarter was any indication, fans were in for an instant classic as the game progressed into the second quarter.

Once again, the dynamic duo of Baker and White led the charge for Malvern, each adding to their tally. However, Lawerson and international recruit Emmet Barger steadied the ship for Footscray, scoring one goal apiece. As we reached halftime, the scoreline stood at a tense 6-5 in favor of Footscray. Momentum ebbed and flowed throughout the first half, but it was Footscray that seized the initiative after halftime, notching three unanswered goals, courtesy of Barger, Cahill, and Lawerson. This 3-0 third quarter gave Footscray a comfortable 9-5 lead heading into the final quarter.

Malvern admirably raised their game in a bid to narrow the deficit, with Matthew Benus, Baker, and White all finding the mark in the final quarter. However, Footscray's experience shone through as Chris Plumb scored twice, and Barger added another goal to solidify Footscray's lead, ultimately securing their back-to-back State League titles. Footscray emerged as the victors, successfully defending their championship against a determined and valiant Malvern side. The final scoreline reading 12-8.

The game showcased a thrilling blend of skill, strategy, and determination, making it a memorable encounter in our pinnacle competition.

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