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Are you ready for an exciting and unprecedented lacrosse season? Find out more below!

We are ecstatic to announce the initial changes to our senior competition structures as we take the first step in bringing out One Club Strategy to life!

See a message from our Chair, Jessica Hay.

As 2022 draws to a close, we’re looking ahead to next year and preparing for changes that have been some time in the making. Personally, I’m very passionate about the one club strategy and I’m proud that as a sport we’re not only making positive progression to offer equal opportunity to all, but that we’re also laying foundations to help our clubs build on their culture.

One of the reasons I and many others play sport, is for the sense of belonging an inclusive sports club can give you. For years, I fear our clubs have struggled at times to create a cohesive environment across men’s and women’s and much of this is down to match day fixtures being on different days. By removing this segregation, we aim to increase the sense of camaraderie and allow our community to share the experiences of our great sport as one club.

Of course, culture takes time to build and adapt to so the changes we hope to see might not be instant. We hope that over time our clubs will experience positive change, both tangibly and intangibly.

On behalf of the board, wishing you all a fantastic summer holiday and see you in 2023.

Lacrosse Victoria Chair
Jessica Hay

In what will be an unparralleled year of lacrosse, it is with great pleasure to announce that the Lacrosse Victoria Board recently approved the structural changes in senior competitions for next season.

In 2023, we will see the following:


LV's One Club Strategy will fixture all Men and Women senior competitions to play on Saturday afternoons. This will see our competitions unite and grow together, as we endeavour to create a club v club event every weekend!


  • Men and Women Senior competition all playing on a Saturday
  • 11-team State League competition
  • MCC to join State League competition
  • Mid-season split – Competition will divide into a top six and bottom five after all teams play each other once.
  • Each competition will then compete in the ‘Qualifying Rounds’ to attain a spot in their respected finals series.
  • During the ‘Qualifying Rounds’ - Top six teams will play against fellow top six opponents before finals (five games). Bottom five teams will complete against fellow bottom five opponents (four games).
  • Finals format
    * Top six – First four after the ‘Qualifying Rounds’ will compete in a three-week finals’ series.
    * Bottom five – First three after the ‘Qualifying Rounds’ will compete in a two-week finals’ series
  • The remaining club’s thirds and possibly fourth’s teams will compete in a separate competition.
  • With this newly formed structure there will be five premierships to compete for, creating greater opportunity for clubs to participate in finals.


  • Men and Women Senior competition all playing on a Saturday
  • 5-team State League competition
  • Malvern and Camberwell to join State League Competition
  • Standard Home/Away season
  • 15 rounds (play each team three times)
  • Top three will compete in a two-week finals’ series
  • The remaining club’s teams will compete in an exciting new competition.

Junior Boys and Junior Girls will remain playing on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

2023 will be a much-anticipated season as we continue to progress the sport post Covid.

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