Senior Womens Grand Finals

8 months ago

The Senior Women's competitions have come to an end after an exhilirating weekend at Footscray Lacrosse Club. In case you missed the action, see a short summary of each Grand Final below.

Championship League
The stage was set, the anticipation palpable, as the fierce rivalry between Eltham and Melbourne University (MU) reached its boiling point in the most critical game of the season. After a jaw-dropping 16-7 Semi Final win for Eltham just two weeks ago, it was time for the ultimate showdown.

Melbourne Uni roared into action, taking charge in the deciding match, spearheaded by the unstoppable Monica Ashton and the indomitable Cindy Lee. At halftime, MU held a tantalizing 6-4 lead, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

But the Panthers weren't ready to concede defeat. In a heart-pounding second half, Emily Statham emerged as the hero, delivering a sensational four-goal performance. Alicia Deans and Tamara Hoyle, relentless and unyielding, added three goals each to the tally.

With a remarkable 9-5 second-half surge, Eltham clawed their way back into the game and ultimately seized a thrilling 13-11 victory in the intense final showdown. The atmosphere was electric, the stakes were high, and the Panthers emerged victorious.

As the dust settles on this epic battle, one thing is certain: the rivalry between these two powerhouse clubs is far from over. Stay tuned for more intense battles and unforgettable moments in the years to come

State League Reserves
In an enthralling State League Reserves Grand Final clash, the top-of-the-table Camberwell faced off against the fearless Williamstown Women's team. The home/away record was split 2-1 in favor of Camberwell, and with two of those games decided by a single goal, it was clear that this showdown could swing in any direction.

Right from the get-go, the young guns of WWLC showcased their prowess. Marni Dyson, Chelsea Patrick, and Ellawen Griffen were unstoppable, each notching two goals in the first half. Their combined efforts built a commanding 9-1 lead for WWLC at halftime.

But Camberwell, true to their spirit, regrouped and mounted a strong comeback in the second half. They netted the first two goals, causing ripples in the WWLC squad. The likes of Sophia Tatlis, Fiona Graham, and Lyndal Bugeja led by example, narrowing the gap to a more manageable six-goal difference.

However, this is where the WWLC leaders rose to the occasion. They tightened their defense, conceding only a single goal for the remainder of the game, following the initial double in the third quarter. WWLC's offense continued to impress, scoring six more goals in the second half, despite Camberwell's best efforts on the defensive end.

In the end, it was Williamstown Women's team that emerged victorious, securing a 15-4 win and earning the title of State League Reserves premiers.

State League
In a thrilling State League Grand Final showdown, the Williamstown Women Lacrosse Club made their first appearance since 1999, setting the stage for an epic clash against the formidable Footscray Lacrosse Club. The anticipation was palpable as star players from both sides showcased their incredible skills in a fiercely contested battle.

The Bulldogs, playing on their home turf, kicked off the game in electrifying fashion. Stephanie Kelly, Sarah Mollison, Bonnie Yu, and Sarah Smith, veterans of the highest levels of lacrosse, combined to score the first six goals of the match. It was a dazzling display of talent that left WWLC momentarily stunned. However, as halftime approached, WWLC found their rhythm and mounted a determined defensive effort, holding Footscray's firepower in check. The scoreline at halftime stood at 8-3.

Early third-quarter goals from Footscray threatened to put the game out of reach, but WWLC's leaders, Lauren Hunter, Danielle Mollison, and Miriam Suares-Jury, rallied their team and narrowed the gap to a more manageable six goals with one quarter left to play.

Despite a relentless offensive push from WWLC in the final quarter, Footscray's defense proved nearly impenetrable. Not only did they thwart continuous attacks, but they also capitalized on two counter-attack opportunities to solidify their lead. As the final whistle sounded, Footscray was crowned the State League premiers, with the scoreline reading 15-10.

It was a valiant effort from both sides, and the grand final showcased the high level of talent and competitiveness in lacrosse. Congratulations to Footscray on their well-deserved victory, and kudos to WWLC for their spirited performance in reaching the championship match after such a long hiatus.

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