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Want to know more about what is happening in lacrosse around the globe?

World Lacrosse (WL)

World Lacrosse runs six (6) world championships – mens field, womens field, mens U20 field, womens U20 field, box and Sixes - on a 4 year basis.

The next World Lacrosse Tournament planned is the 2023 World Men’s Championships scheduled from June 21 to July 1 in San Diego, USA.

Continental Federations

Qualification for World Lacrosse Championships is via four (4) regional bodies which are:

APLU – Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union

ELF – European Lacrosse federation

AAL- African Association of Lacrosse

PALA- Pan American Lacrosse Association

APLU – Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union

Lacrosse Australia sits within the APLU, together with 17 other Countries in our region including the Japan Larosse Association, India Lacrosse Association and Cambodian Lacrosse to name a few.

The most recent addition to the APLU is Iran which joined this year, 2022.

Mike Slattery, who has previously served with distinction as President of Lacrosse Australia, is Head of the APLU, and also sits on the Board of World Lacrosse as the Continental Federation Representative.

APLU – Mens 2023 World Championships Qualification Event.

In October 2022, six (6) teams took part in the APLU qualification event for the 2023 World Mens Championships which was held in South Korea.

The teams to successfully qualify were Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Philippines, and the teams missing out on this occasion were China and Chinese Taipei.

Australia and Japan were not required to qualify under existing World Lacrosse guidelines, however in future automatic qualification for those 2 countries will not apply and they will have to compete in the APLU qualification event.

The tournament was held over five days playing three games per day, with the top 4 teams achieving qualification for San Diego. The result went down to the final game on the final day, and of the 15 games seven were decided by a single goal difference.

The Korean Lacrosse Association (KLA) live streamed all games (with support from APLU and WL) using five cameras and two prime commentators, and the games are available on YouTube.

Watch the streams here.

The success of the live streaming and social media is evident from the fact that there were 133,000 total exposures and 14,000 views.

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