2024 LV Women's State League & Reserves Competition

5 months ago

The Lacrosse Victoria Board has announced that all 2024 Women’s State League and State League Reserves matches will be fixtured to play on Sundays.

LV is committed to the SRV Change Our Game Policy and will continue to strive for equality and fair access to playing fields, whilst acknowledging that there are currently a number of barriers (outlined below) in achieving a move to Saturday that require more time and support. LV will continue to work with clubs so that the Change Our Game policy can be implemented.

  • The clubs were overwhelming in their responses at the 2023 review evening that they wanted a fixed day not changing on a weekly basis according to who they are playing. This assisted the players in working out planning their work and life schedules.
  • Fixturing the matches on Saturdays in 2023 was difficult due to two clubs not having access to their grounds on a Saturday.
  • Two clubs currently only have access to only one field which makes scheduling difficult for them – these circumstances remain in 2024.
  • Two clubs noted that the women's teams were supported by male players who could no longer provide this when matches were played on the same day.
  • The concept that we would have the men and women teams playing at the same venue, rarely eventuated. Regardless of this, if the men and women teams compete at different venues on a Saturday then there is still the opportunity for clubs to return to their home ground on a Saturday evening.

Please Note: The days that the Women’s Championship League is played will be reviewed once the teams are finalized, acknowledging that the day matches are played may affect some of the club's ability to field teams.

Our Competitions Officer, Liam Fothergill, will be in touch with each club independently. Should you have any queries in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email competitions.officer@lacrossevictoria.com.au

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