U18 Boys & Girls National Championship

Tuesday 18 Apr 2023 09:00
Western Australia - Location TBC

The U18 Boys’ and Girls’ National Championship is the first State v State championship that a Junior player can compete at. Within the LA Participation Framework this event falls under our Talent phase 1: Demonstration of Potential and Phase 2: Talent Verification of our National Participation Framework.

This type of event plays a vital role in providing players with a higher level of competition forming our sub-elite level. Invitation, by LA, to other International Teams to compete at these events also provides a greater standard and unfamiliar opposition and style of play. At this level of lacrosse, players demonstrate their physical preparation, capacity and ability to perform.

This physical capacity allows players to consistently and successfully perform a wide range of fundamental and advanced skills, read cues and recognise game situations and implement correct tactics at this sub elite level under multidirectional pressures.