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Lacrosse Victoria with funding from VicHealth, is launching a new, social program at universities around Victoria to engage people to become activie in sport.

‘Relax’ is a 6 week reimagined social version of Lacrosse, that’s fun and friendly to play.
Grab a bunch of friends and come and give ‘Relax’ a try. It’s non-contact sport, teams are made up of 4 people, guys and girls, sessions & games are played indoors and run for 1 hour.
‘Relax’ will get you active with friends, in a fun and enjoyable social way.
You don’t need any prior experience or have any super human skills. You just need to be willing to give it a go, take a crack at something new and enjoy yourself.
It starts this March and will be run at universities across the state.
• Teams of 4
• Non-contact
• Social & friendly
• Make new friends

UPDATE!!! Thank you to those at Federation University - Mt Helen campus who joined us this week!

Please follow the link to register for your program starting in March!

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