TriBall Lacrosse

Your Game. Your Friends. That is TriBall Lacrosse!

TriBall Lacrosse

TriBall Lacrosse is a modified version of lacrosse designed just for teens to actively have fun with friends. Watch this 1 minute video to find out more!

School Information

Thinking of running a TriBall Lacrosse program at your school? All the information you need to know is all right here in our TriBall School Program Information. The website includes:

  • What TriBall is all about
  • How to register your school
  • How to promote & run your program
  • How other schools have gotten the best out of the program
  • And so much more!

If you have questions or would like more information on how TriBall will work best at your school, contact Lacrosse Victoria at or on 9682 3300! 

SSV Lacrosse School Competitions

DID YOU KNOW that TriBall Lacrosse is the perfect lead up program to the SSV Lacrosse School Competitions? The program will prepare your students with the skills and confidence to take the field! The competitions dates are listed below:



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Click HERE to express your interest in running TriBall Lacrosse as a lead up program to the SSV Competitions!

School Registration

Already sold on TriBall Lacrosse, click on our Expression of Interest Form to register your school now! 

Teacher Resources

Want access to our fantastic Teacher Resources? Complete our Expression of Interest Form and get access today to:

  • Teacher Training
  • Session Overviews
  • Lesson Plans
  • Skill Demonstration Videos
  • Activities & Games Videos 

Participant Information

You will love the tailored sessions built around lacrosse skills, games and friends. No experience or equipment needed because we will provide both.

No pressure. Just TRI it! Your first session is free.

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Just TRI it! 

More Info

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions for participants.


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