Reporting a Player

For incidents that occur during the conduct of LV sanctioned competitions and events, the process for reporting an individual is outlined in the "LV Match Day Disciplinary By-law". These rules and process fully replace any process and powers previously undertaken by commissioners.

The following summary flow chart outlines the process to be followed.

The by-law is to be instigated when the rules of the game to do not satisfactorily deal with an incident. Reports may be lodged by a match official, bench official, head coach or credible individual. Reports are to be made using the LV Match Day Disciplinary Report Form.

Reports must be lodged by 9am on the Monday following the game. Reports will then be reviewed by the LV General Manager, who will determine the next action. 

Following the review the LV GM may determine that an investigation will be conducted, mediation is required, that a match tribunal is formed, that no further action be taken or that the complaint is dealt with by another appropriate method.

LV strongly encourages all participants to abide by the rules of play and honor and respect your fellow participants at all times by demonstrating good sportsmanship. When the spirit of good play has been violated, LV strongly encourages an individual to lodge a report for investigation and determination of appropriate actions and any necessary repercussions required.

For clarification, or further information on the rules or processes involved, please contact Mr. Sam Watson, -

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