U15 Tournament - Boys Teams Announced

U15 Representative Tournament
U15 Representative Tournament  

ALL uniform orders MUST be completed by 5pm Thursday. Please go to the following link to place your order.


Once orders are placed, Lacrosse Victoria will create and send an invoice for the uniforms ordered as well as the player participation fee (Boys fee $40 per player).

Firstly, thank you for registering your child for the Lacrosse Victoria 2021 Under 15 Girls and Boys Tournament. As you are aware, this tournament is a new concept in lieu of us not attending the National Under 15 competition this year due to the risks around COVID.  This locally run Victorian tournament’s primary objective is to give as many under 15 players the opportunity to participate in representative lacrosse.  The benefits to those involved are playing in a higher standard of competition that we expect they will greatly benefit as well, to play lacrosse with players from other clubs broadening their lacrosse experience and engagement hopefully developing friendships that can be fostered for years to come.

For the boys, as well running the standard teams, Western Metros, Southern Crosse and Northern Warriors we have created two new teams giving more players the opportunity to get involved, these are Eastside Kings and Western Cannons. Due to the overwhelming interest, we have decided to expand the number of players in the boys teams from 16 to 18 players.

As stated, these four additional teams are to provide greater opportunity for players however may not continue next year as we revert back to the standard Australia Lacrosse Association (ALA) format. For this reason, we have a suggested minimum purchase for players of playing top, playing shorts/skort and socks. Parents are of course welcome to purchase additional apparel such as t-shirts and hoodies however these are not essential. As organisers of this local tournament we appreciate the financial implications of players being selected in a one off team however as stated our objective is to get more kids playing more lacrosse at a higher level more often. We thank you for your support.

Eastside Kings
Coach - Matthew Kerr

Andrew Balzat-Fuller Midfield Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Aaron Swann Midfield Chadstone Lacrosse Club
alasdair duell Attack Malvern Lacrosse Club
Bailey Nicholls Attack Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Jasper Adderly Goalie Chadstone Lacrosse Club
Jayde Taylor Midfield Chadstone Lacrosse Club
Joseph Zanlunghi Faceoff Malvern Lacrosse Club
Kristof Hoffman Midfield Melbourne Cricket Club Lacrosse
Kye McClacharty Attack Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Spencer Schaxmann Attack Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Willem Duncan Midfield Melbourne Cricket Club Lacrosse
Charlie Skepper Midfield Malvern Lacrosse Club
Leon de Rooden Midfield Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
Luca Delaney Goalie Eltham Lacrosse Club
Oliver Beaumont Defence Melbourne University Lacrosse Club
William Crump Faceoff Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
Zane Templeton Midfield Eltham Lacrosse Club
Ryder Thomas Midfield Eltham Lacrosse Club
Lincoln Allen Defence Brunswick Lacrosse Club
Angus Walker Midfield Eltham Lacrosse Club

Northern Warriors
Coach - Duncan McKenzie

Brodie Cracknell Defence Eltham Lacrosse Club
Xander Kidd Defence Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
Flynn Palstra Defence Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
Cameron Morrison Defence Eltham Lacrosse Club
Jake Statham Faceoff Eltham Lacrosse Club
Alex Halliwell Goalie Eltham Lacrosse Club
Lachlan Finlay Midfield Eltham Lacrosse Club
Tom Farkas Midfield Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
William Tindal Midfield Eltham Lacrosse Club
Angus Tucker Midfield Eltham Lacrosse Club
Huon Gordon Midfield Brunswick Lacrosse Club
Oliver Tibb Midfield Eltham Lacrosse Club
Felix Spirason Midfield Melbourne University Lacrosse Club
Dineth De Silva Midfield Melbourne University Lacrosse Club
Jasper Symons Midfield Brunswick Lacrosse Club
Robert Stagg Midfield Melbourne University Lacrosse Club
Samuel Boyd Midfield Brunswick Lacrosse Club
Harper Davidson Midfield Surrey Park Lacrosse Club

Southern Crosse
Coach - Alistair Gloutnay

Alexander Hadaway Defence Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Angus Leslie Midfield Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Benjamin Rogan Defence Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Blake STRINGER Defence Caulfield Lacrosse Club
Fergus Hennessy Midfield Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Finn COOK Midfield Malvern Lacrosse Club
Henry Martin Goalie Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Liam BARNES Attack Malvern Lacrosse Club
Matthew Lamb Attack Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Nikita Dalinkiewicz Goalie Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Orlando Raffaelli Faceoff Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Owen Orelup Midfield Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Reece Kille Midfield Chadstone Lacrosse Club
Frederick Richards Midfield Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Harper Lane Midfield
Simeon Goldberg Midfield Caulfield Lacrosse Club
Jake Cotchin Midfield Caulfield Lacrosse Club
Julian Bunnik Defence Camberwell Lacrosse Club

Western Cannons
Coach - Lachlan McDonald
Ass Coach - Nick Burgess

Arlo Wakamatsu Midfield Wyndham Lacrosse Club
Archer Flaherty Midfield Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Augustus Mee Midfield Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Blake Radford Faceoff Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Cooper Logan Midfield Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Cooper Pecora Midfield Footscray Lacrosse Club
Frederic BREWER Midfield Footscray Lacrosse Club
Jai McGEE Attack Altona Lacrosse Club
Julian Mendoza Goalie Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Lachlan Wright Defence Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Oliver Russell Defence Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Oliver Struhs Attack Altona Lacrosse Club
Ryan KUKUCKA Attack Altona Lacrosse Club
Samuel TONELLI Faceoff Footscray Lacrosse Club
Trae Worn Midfield Footscray Lacrosse Club
Tyson Walsh Defence Wyndham Lacrosse Club

Western Metros
Coach - Sean Clarke
Ass Coach - Jeff Melsopp
Ass Coach - Josh Ardossi

Jake Mannix Attack Footscray Lacrosse Club
Gabriel Bleed Attack Altona Lacrosse Club
Lachlan Stephenson Attack Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Wyatt Phelan Midfield Altona Lacrosse Club
Joshua Gordon Midfield Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Angus Menzies Midfield Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Adam Falkenberg Midfield Altona Lacrosse Club
Janitha Dharmabandu Midfield Footscray Lacrosse Club
Xavier McLean Faceoff Altona Lacrosse Club
Kai Lawson Faceoff Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Angus Fluker Defence Footscray Lacrosse Club
James O'Toole Defence Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Riley Thomas Defence Altona Lacrosse Club
Zachary Garnsworthy Defence Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Mitchell Kukucka Goalie Altona Lacrosse Club
Josh Mannix Attack Footscray Lacrosse Club
Jett Lewer Attack Altona Lacrosse Club
Khy Habib Attack Footscray Lacrosse Club

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