"Meet Me Monday" Series - Australian Squad Players Week 4

Each week we invite our members to “Meet” our Victorian contracted representatives on the Men’s and Women’s Australian squads through weekly player profiles.

This week, we have Newport Ladies’ Stacey Morlang and Eltham Lacrosse Club's Chris Moffat.

In first we have Stacey:

Morlang , Stacey Pic 2 MMM

  1. Name: Stacey Morlang
  2. Club: Newport Ladies Lacrosse Club
  3. Position: Midfield
  4. Favourite Lacrosse Memory?
    Winning the Gold Medal at the 2005 World Cup for Australia
  5. Favourite drill/exercise to do at home?
    100 Consecutive passes in wall ball
  6. What do you enjoy most about the lacrosse community?
    The village it represents. The camaraderie and community in our sport is second to none and I love every second of it.
  7. How did you start playing lacrosse?
    It was played in my family so I followed in the footsteps of my dad and brothers at the age of 8.
  8. Favourite country and/or state to play against? USA
  9. Any pregame superstitions?
    Nope, I steer VERY clear of that for my own sanity! HA!
  10. Go to pregame meal?
    Usually a protein bar or toast with eggs
  11. 3 people living or dead you would invite to dinner and why?

    -My college coach Diane Geppi Aikens (passed away in 2013) - Diane was a huge part of my development as a player and person and I would truly love to spend time with her again as a more ‘mature’ woman.

    -Michelle Obama – because who wouldn’t! A strong, independent, kick a** woman!

    -Dax Shephard – have you heard that guy speak? He’s a party at ALL TIMES and would definitely bring the magic!

  12. Any social media handles for people to follow you on? @staceymorlang

    Next up we have Chris:

    Moffat , Chris MMM Pic 1

1.     Name:

Chris Moffat

2.     Club:

Eltham Lacrosse Club

3.     Position:

Defence/Long stick midfield

4.     Favourite Lacrosse Memory?

There’s quite a few. Probably watching Kendrea get so excited in the coach’s box when Eltham won the A grade Grand finale. That was nice.

5.     Favourite drill/exercise to do at home?  

A simple ground ball drill with about 20 balls pick up cradle and put them back down. Great for fundamentals and can get a good sweat.  

6.     What do you enjoy most about the lacrosse community?

 Being able to come down on a Saturday or a tournament and see everyone in one place and have a good yarn. 

7.     How did you start playing lacrosse?

Through school every year Eltham lacrosse club puts on an amazing school’s comp which gets around 100 kids and is a whole lot of fun.

8.     Favourite country and/or state to play against?

WA would be my favorite state, always a tough game and most of the blokes go alright.

Haudenosaunee is a pretty special team to watch and play against.

9.     Any pregame superstitions?

I usually need to go and run a lap by myself just to make sure my legs feel alright. Also need my strapping tape to feel just right.

10.  Go to pregame meal?

Always two long blacks, usually gets me going.

11.  Any social media handles for people to follow you on? Instagram: moffat010

Special thanks to Stacey and Chris for their participation in this series. We hope you have enjoyed some insight into some of the Victorian representative on our Senior Australian squads. Check back next Monday for our next two profiles.


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