"Meet Me Monday" Series - Australian Squad Players Week 3

Each week we invite our members to “Meet” our Victorian contracted representatives on the Men’s and Women’s Australian squads through weekly player profiles.

This week, we hear from Footscray Lacrosse Club’s Sarah Mollison and Eltham Lacrosse Club Nathan Bell. 

First up we have Sarah:

Sarah Mollison

1.     Name: Sarah Mollison


2.     Club: Footscray Lacrosse Club


3.     Position: Midfield/Attack


4.     Favourite Lacrosse Memory?

So hard to pick just one memory.

I can’t go past winning the 2005 World Cup. I was the second youngest at 18 years old and played with absolute superstars of our game. Everyone in this team and staff will always be special to me. Winning 14-7 over the USA, it’s hard to get any better than that.

Winning an NCAA Division I National Championship with the University of Maryland in 2010. We won in front of 10,000 people and the team was invited to have brunch at the white house and meet Obama a few months later.

Winning grand finals with my club FLC and winning Senior Nationals is always special and I love the memories we create.


5.     Favourite drill/exercise to do at home?

I love lax so I love doing all drills. If I have to choose, I would say stick work and shooting drills. They are always fun and super important for our game especially in high pressure situations and being able to execute. Lately I have been focusing on dodging drills and my shooting. I would encourage young players to be creative and have fun with it. Make it as simple or as challenging as you like.

6.     What do you enjoy most about the lacrosse community?

Playing for Australia and wearing it across my chest and seeing a sea of gold in the crowd is always a proud moment. The Australian team has usually trained for 22-24 months leading into a world cup. You just know that everyone’s blood, sweat, tears and money which has required tremendous input to get everyone at their best for the World Cup. We are all working towards the same goal – I love those moments!

At Maryland, we worked so hard to be better at every single practice and every single game. Players would go out to practice earlier or stay back later to perfect areas of their game. The commitment from the team was paramount.  We pushed each other in practice but the support in our team was second to none. Being an international student athlete so far from home, I always felt supported by my teammates. We had an amazing culture and leaders all four years I played. We practiced or played 6 days a week, with often lifting twice a week as well. We often had dance parties pregame, our coaches took our team to some of the best restaurants for team meals (Sakura, Potbelly’s, Bagel Place). We had a lot of fun on and off the field. 

7.     How did you start playing lacrosse?

My family. My dad and uncles played growing up and so did my older cousins. At one stage growing up, dad was my coach and mum was my team mate. We won that year so that was a great memory. I remember watching family members play and learning from them all. I was born into a lacrosse family and have no regrets; it’s given me some amazing opportunities. I have a lot to thank them for.

8.     Favourite country and/or state to play against?

USA, Canada and England. To be the best, you have to beat the best. High level lacrosse is what I love most. High pressure situations, it’s fast, everyone is strong and there is a lot of the line. If you stuff it up, you have to wait another four years before you can do it again. There is a lot at stake.

In college, Maryland was in the ACC conference with teams like Virginia, Duke and UNC were our rivals. We played in the ACC Tournament all four years against these very good teams. Northwestern was also another out of conference rival. These teams were very competitive, highly athletic and skillful but also the most fun!


9.     Any pregame superstitions?

My routine is more of my superstition. I have particular things I do to prepare myself and it is mostly done in order. Treatment, foam rolling or stretching. Uniform on, hair, socks and shoes and check that my stick is legal and to be ready for the coach to come in for our team meeting. I like to stick to time and get frustrated being late out of the locker room for warm up. Having a full warm up is all part of routine and to be ready to start playing at the first whistle.

10.  Go to pregame meal?

Games are played at various times during the world cup so you do have to be organised and have played around with it before you go to the event.

If I had a 2pm or 3pm game I would most likely have a hot chocolate and slice of toast with vegemite or jam for breakfast. 2L of water at least and I would snack again on either a muesli bar or some pretzels. I might water down a blue Gatorade also. This would be on a day if I was able to sleep in and had a later breakfast or wasn’t as hungry. I would eat my lunch after the game (usually a salad wrap).  

If I was awake at 7.30am for example, I would eat breakfast and then eat my lunch at 11am for a 2pm or 3pm game. I always try finish eating 3 hours before game time.


11.  3 people living or dead you would invite to dinner and why?  

Lockdown has been difficult. My family or friends at this point.

Simona Halep is my favorite women’s tennis player.

12.  Any social media handles for people to follow you on?

Way more interesting Instagram pages  – @shakeschoollacrosse, @the_speed_system and @marylandwlax 

Next we have Nathan.
Nathan Bell

1. Name: Nathan Bell

2. Club: Eltham

3. Position: Faceoff/Midfield

4. Favourite Lacrosse Memory? Playing indoor Worlds in Vancouver

5. Favourite drill/exercise to do at home? Wall ball/faceoff drills & shots on goal

6. What do you enjoy most about the lacrosse community? Everyone supports one another on & off the field. You make new friends every game.

7. How did you start playing lacrosse? Grew up watching my older brothers play,

8. Favourite country and/or state to play against? WA & Ireland

9. Any pregame superstitions? Long black coffee, nodoz, same socks

10. Go to pregame meal? Subway Chicken Classic Footlong

11. 3 people living or dead you would invite to dinner and why?

Daniel Rim

Brendan Freeman

Caleb Hall

For awesome Spit roasts, never enough salt

12. Any social media handles for people to follow you on?

 Insta - @Nathhbell

Special thanks to Sarah and Nathan for participation in this series. We hope you have enjoyed some insight into some of the Victorian representative on our Senior Australian squads. Check back next Monday for our next two profiles.


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