Version 3 Return to Lacrosse Training Conditions

Lacrosse Victoria Return to Training Conditions
Lacrosse Victoria Return to Training Conditions  

As of 19/06/2020 at 5:00 pm:

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to announce Version 3 of the Return to Training Conditions starting 1 June 2020. Please note the changes to junior (i.e. people 18 years old or younger) training from 22 June. There are no changes to adult (i.e. people 19 years old or older). 

These conditions have been developed within the framework provided by Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) as well as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). All clubs must ensure the review and implementation of these conditions before returning to training. The conditions contain vital information for clubs, players and parents to adhere to in order to return to training as safely and quickly as possible. 

This situation is continuing to evolve so please continue to check the Lacrosse Victoria website for any updates on recommendations to training with COVID-19 restrictions for lacrosse in Victoria.

Lacrosse Victoria is working towards commencing Junior Competition from 11 July (Boys) and 12 July (Girls) and will provide formal confirmation of this in the coming weeks along with Government approved Return to Play Conditions. 

1.     Return to Training Club Checklist: Clubs will need to follow the checklist and return to Lacrosse Victoria signed by either the President or Secretary before training can begin.

2.     Return to Training Conditions: These conditions need to be read and understood by anyone who is attending a training session. This includes but is not limited to: players, coaches, volunteers and parents. 

3.     Police Notification Template: This template is a letter clubs can use to notify their local police department of their intention to return to training. This template is not mandatory, only a resource for clubs to use if needed.

Lacrosse Victoria will also add a Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ) page to the website. This page will be updated with questions when needed so please check with this page before contacting Lacrosse Victoria.

This is an important step for lacrosse to resume in Victoria. It is imperative that the lacrosse community abide by the conditions set in the Return to Training Conditions document. Any deviation from the conditions could impact the eventual return to competition.

Lacrosse Victoria would like to thank the Return to Play Advisory Group for their continued assistance. 

If you have questions, please contact Sean at


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