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Frequently Asked Questions: Please review this page before contacting Lacrosse Victoria as many questions will be answered here. This page will be updated as necessary. 

Please note, groups of 20 can start to train as of Monday 1 June 2020. Until then, clubs must abide by the 10 person limit per training group. 


1. Can more than one group of 20 train on a field? 

Answer: Yes, a group of 20 players can train on a minimum of 40x50m per zone, or similar equivalent. 

2. Does the coach count in the 20?

Answer: No, the coach does not count in the group of 20. 

3. Can coaches or players switch training zones? 

Answer: No, once training begins, no member of the coaching or playing group can switch zones during that session. 

4. Can coaches and players participate in multiple groups on the same day? 

Answer: Yes, coaches and players can participate in more than one group if groups are adequately spaced out and players/coaches follow the correct hygiene protocols outlined in the Return to Training Conditions. 

5. Do clubs need to take attendance at each training? 

Answer: Yes, clubs must take attendance at each training session. The club must ensure it is prepared to record attendance data including: first and last name, team, date, if registered with Lacrosse Victoria and club, arrival and departue times. 

6. Are we allowed to have stick contact with players?

Answer: No, all training sessions are non-competitive and this includes stick contact. Players should maintain the social distancing measures of 1.5m. 

7. Are players allowed to shower? 

Answer: No, players will not be able to shower at the ground as there will be no access to the pavilion, clubrooms or changerooms. Only toilet access may be provided but that is up to your local council. 

If there are any other questions you might have please send through to Sean at 


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