6v6 Competition Recap

Credit Alex Fagan Lax Pics
Credit Alex Fagan Lax Pics  

The 6v6 competition wrapped up on the 22nd of February,
After the first few weeks of wild weather, including downpours, and near gale force winds the sides were finally treated to great conditions for the last week on the synthetic field at MCC Beaumaris.

Six men’s teams (Australia, Camberwell, Chadstone, Caulfield, MCC & Malvern) and four women’s teams (Camberwell, Footscray, Williamstown Women’s & Newport) were exposed to the fast paced action that is present in the 6v6 discipline, with 64% of surveyed participants saying they liked the rules after the 4 weeks, As compared to before the competition started with 80% of surveyed participants either feeling neutral or disliking the new rules.

Many players mentioned enjoying the rapid pace and relaxed nature of the games, which provided a good opportunity for individuals to dust off their sticks and gloves and hone their skills before the commencement of the regular season.

The new discipline aims to create a more attractive product for those not familiar with the great sport of lacrosse, with hopes that it will be included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, the first time lacrosse has been at the Olympics since London 1948 
The key features of the 6v6 format are:

  • 6 players on the field at a time (5 players and a goalie) 
  • The players can play anywhere on the field, only the goalie is not allowed to cross the midline
  • Smaller field (70 x 36 m)
  • Shots are played like most other sports and not like traditional lacrosse rules. If you shoot and miss, it is a turnover. 
  • 45 second shotclock
  • In the men's game there are no long poles, only shortsticks. 
  • Limited contact
  • Face off and draws only at the start of quarters. After a goal is scored the ball starts with the goalie. 

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