Board Meet Me Monday Series: Meredith Hodson

Board Director Meredith Hodson
Board Director Meredith Hodson
Image © Meredith Hodson  

In the weeks leading up to the 2020 Lacrosse Victoria AGM, a different Board member will be featured in the 2020 Lacrosse Victoria Board Meet Me Monday Series. These profiles will match faces with names as well as provide some background into our Board members. 

Our first profile of the series will be Meredith Hodson. Meredith joined the Board in April 2019. Meredith's answers are in bold. 

Name: Meredith Hodson

How Long have you been on the Board: Since the AGM in April, 2019

Role on the Board: Director

Sports Background: played all kinds of team and individual sport for as long as I can remember – athletics, cycling (road and track), and AFL were main sporting pursuits. Now I work in the sports industry and play social sport in my free-time.

Affiliated Club (if any): N/A

Everyday Job: Sports Program Manager at Squash & Racquetball Victoria and Schools Coordinator at Squash Australia

Where are you Originally From: Born in Launceston, Tasmania

Why did you run for a Board position: To gain unique experience within the sports sector, learn more about Lacrosse and Governance, and lastly to help grow an awesome sport!

Favorite Athlete and Sports Team: Favourite athlete would have to be Ash Barty, and fave sports team is Collingwood in the AFL.

If you could play any position on the field which one would you choose (even if you currently play)  Midfielder – I don’t mind a run around!

What do you enjoy most about lacrosse/the lacrosse community: I love the passion and drive within the community, it is very inspiring. 

The 2020 Lacrosse Victoria AGM will take place on Monday, 20 April. Information will be distributed regarding times, location and procedures in the near future. 


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