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Lacrosse Victoria is in a unique position to host a 6v6 competition that is the first of its kind! 6v6 competitions take place all over the world, especially in developing lacrosse nations. Here in Victoria however this competition uses the new 6v6 rules developed by World Lacrosse. 

This is a great opportunity to introduce Victorians to a fast paced, exciting and fun form of the game. Lacrosse Victoria has been working in conjunction with World Lacrosse and ALA to understand some of the new concepts put in place. Despite the rain in week 1, players and fans alike had a great time. Lacrosse Victoria Participation Officer Matt Keogh said "it was great to see so many players and spectators out in the rain to watch the first week of games. The individual skillsets really shined through with the fast paced nature of the game. I look forward to seeing what the remainder of the competition has in store!" 

Saturday marks the 2nd week of the inaugural Lacrosse Victoria 6v6 competition. 10 teams will compete on the night with games at 5, 6 and 7 PM at Beaumaris Secondary.  Men's games will be played at 5 and 7 PM while the Women's games start at 6 PM. 

For those not aware of the main features of the new 6v6 version here is the abridged version:

1. 6 players allowed on the field at a time (5 players and a goalie) 

2. The players can play anywhere on the field, only the goalie is not allowed to cross the midline

3. Field is much shorter (70 x 36 m)

4. Shots are played like most other sports and not like traditional lacrosse rules. If you shoot and miss, it is a turnover. 

5. There is a 45 second shotclock

6. In the men's game there are no long poles, only shortsticks. 

7. Contact is very limited

8. Face off and draws only start quarters. After a goal is scored the ball starts with the goalie. 

Fixtures for the next three weeks are listed below:

Men's Fixture 

Women's Fixture 

Come on down to Beaumaris this Saturday to see what the action is all about! MCC Lacrosse, will be operating a kiosk at Beaumaris with some food and drink options between 5 and 8pm.  The kiosk has card and cash facilities. Soft drinks, crisps/chips, sausage sandwiches and pulled pork rolls will be available while matches are on.  Alcohol will not be sold due to licensing restrictions. The kiosk is located at the far side of the building that also houses the change rooms.


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