Lacrosse Victoria to Run Preseason 6 v 6 Competition

Lacrosse Victoria
Lacrosse Victoria  

Lacrosse Victoria is trialing a new 6 v 6 competition. The competition is set to utilize the brand new trial rules developed by World Lacrosse. 

The competition will be dependant on registraitons but the ultimate goal is to have an men's and women's senior elite and a mixed senior social division with 4 teams in each division. 

The competition is set to start the 1st of February and run for four weeks on Saturdays at Beaumaris Secondary College. Game times will be dependant on registrations. 

Lacrosse Victoria will accept team registrations at a discounted rate and spots are limited in each division. The team registration will be $200. 

To register and secure a place in the competition, please email Sean at Teams will need a captain and or coach, minimum 10 listed players and a uniform. Deadline for registrations is Thursday 23 January. 

Basic Information on the trial rules:

6 v 6 including a goaltender (recommended 10 players each week)

45 second shot clock

Shorter games with four 8-minute quarters

Goaltenders restart play after a goal is scored (faceoff/draw only at start of quarters)

Come kick off the preseason with an exciting new form of the game! 

For more information please contact Sean at 


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