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Ballarat Royals Lacrosse Club player
Ballarat Royals Lacrosse Club player  

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to advise clubs that a significant effort is being advanced in Ballarat to create a broad scale junior and senior presence for lacrosse. 

A major schools clinic/recruiting program is currently taking place with a growing response from juniors and parents to the recently commenced weekly coaching and competition which has been established.  The Ballarat Royals Lacrosse Club has been formed and is in the process of affiliating plus the creation of Goldfields and District Lacrosse League – the prospects for developing a new regionally based lacrosse program for Victoria is looking bright.

Lacrosse Victoria is providing some support to help the program plus has offered to help publicize and promote the Ballarat developments.

LV asks that clubs to support this exciting project and do whatever they can to assist Ballarat.  The person to contact is former Malvern and State Team player Tasi Stampoultzis on 0413 089 037

Already some clubs have offered assistance - Nick Anthony organized to take a senior men’s Melbourne University team to play in Ballarat and play with their senior squad players.  Camberwell LC has donated a set of lacrosse goals for the junior competition.

We ask all clubs to consider how they might help. Here are some ways to help:

  1. Donate a set of goals – Ballarat was delighted to recently receive a set of lacrosse goals from Camberwell LC. Other clubs may have some old goals to donate for a worthy cause.
  2. Donations of helmets for junior boy’s are needed – used helmets that are still functional will be fine for the Ballarat juniors.
  3. Offers to help with school clinic visits during the next 6 weeks of school will be eagerly accepted by Ballarat from coaches who are prepared to come up for a day or more.
  4. Spread the Ballarat word and please let Ballarat know of any past lacrosse players who you club has living in the greater Ballarat area.

Here is a video clip from Win News Ballarat in October 2018. 

CONTACT:  Tasi   0413 089 037


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