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Alan Lewer
Alan Lewer
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The Australian lacrosse community lost a great man yesterday. Alan had a tremendous impact on the lives of countless people in the lacrosse community. We extend our condolences to the Lewer family and Altona Lacrosse Club. Please see the piece from Altona LC. 

From Altona Lacrosse Club: "

Today the lacrosse world has lost a shining light and a lion of the sport. At approximately 7.30pm this evening Alan Lewer passed away. As some of you may be aware Alan suffered a cardiac arrest Sunday morning while coaching the Victorian Men’s team. He leaves behind his loving wife Tash, best friend and son Jett, his daughters Tess and Ella, four brothers (Mark, Brendon, Tony and John), a large extended family and a sport that he loved. He was 48 years old and had played the sport he loved for at least the last 40. He has played, coached and impacted lacrosse at every level, across Australia and the world.

We are all in shock with the sudden passing of a man that has meant so much to us as a club, as a sport and as a community. Lacrosse has not had many ambassadors as passionate as Alan and it is hard for many of us to imagine a world where he is not patrolling the sidelines stick in hand. The impact that Alan has had on the lacrosse community is wide ranging and there wouldn’t be too many clubrooms in Australia that don’t have a story or a memory of him. It is not very often in life that we come across people who’s passion and energy infect those around them and we should be thankful when we do. Alan was one those people and we are better as a sport, as a club, as players and as people from having known him.

It does not do justice to our feelings to say that the Altona Lacrosse Club extends our deepest sympathies and support to his family. His family and the club are so intertwined that seeing where family stopped and the club started was often impossible.

In the coming days, weeks, months we will struggle to come to grips with Alan’s passing. We may never fully understand the tragedy of the last 24 hours. It says much of the man, that his last morning was spent on the side of a lacrosse field, passionately involved in the sport he loved. Each of us will remember Alan in our own way, his spectacular goals, instinctive assists and even his occasional foul. He was as great a teammate to us and a respected opponent to many. Alan was a leader, a friend, a coach and mentor to everyone in the lacrosse world and we will never fill the void he has left.

Altona Lacrosse Club asks that everyone reading this takes the time to reflect…..To reflect on any memories of Alan they may have, but also to reflect on how lucky and blessed we have been to have had him in our lives."


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