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LV is pleased to provide to our members and participants an update with all the latest rules for season 2019. It is important that everyone is aware of the most up to date and current rules with recent changes made that will affect our competitions this year. Firstly, changes to our important documents can be now found under our downloads section with the new versions available for download. We encourage all members to review, read and share these with all that the rules will affect.


We would like to highlight the following documents:


Competition Rules:

  • This document is a new merge of the old ‘Competition Rules’ and ‘Game Day Rules’.
  • There are various changes made to this important document that governs a large amount of our competitions such as registration, finals eligibility and international players.
  • It is very important that club administrators review these rules to ensure compliance to avoid the consequences that will affect your teams.


Senior playing rules:

  • Men’s rules have been updated with recent changes by FIL as highlighted in the agreed changes dated August 2018. Please note that LV will not adopt changes to rule 29.1, 29.2 and 29.3, but all other changes will apply for LV competitions.
  • Women’s rules have been updated with recent changes by FIL as highlighted in the agreed changes dated August 2018. Additionally, please note the ALA variations as found on the ALA website and linked from the LV site. Everyone should read the FIL rulebook in conjunction with the approved crosses and pockets as well as the LV variations as noted in the “LV Competition Rules” Appendix.


Junior playing rules:

  • These have been updated with numerous changes across U11 and U13 grades with some minor changes in U15s.
  • Please ensure you are following the current rulebook and read for any changes.


Unified field:

  • Please be reminded that LV adopts a variation of the unified field requirements as detailed on the LV website that has the directions. Ensure your club line marker is familiar with this diagram.


Junior Age Exemption Policy:

  • This policy has been updated such that only exemptions for medical grounds will be considered for a player playing outside their required age grade, i.e. playing an overage player in a junior age grade.


Victorian Representative Teams Policy:

  • We have made some updates here to ensure that we take into consideration a player’s misconduct record where they have been suspended. As well as some other minor amendments.


Match Day Disciplinary By-law:

  • This by-law which deals with acts of misconduct and where players are reported for acts such as being expelled from a game.
  • The by-law has essentially been re-written with significant changes in the process.
  • The associated forms and a flowchart will be available shortly.


For any queries on rule changes please ensure you review the change first before contacting the office.


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