Camberwell Loses Ground

Dorothy Laver Reserve
Dorothy Laver Reserve
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Camberwell Lacrosse Club loses tenancy of Dorothy Laver Reserve West.

Camberwell asked that Lacrosse Victoria post this note to the lacrosse community. As many of you know, Camberwell Lacrosse Club lost one of its grounds in December. Despite the setback, Camberwell will fight on by playing at Eric Raven Reserve. Boroondara Councillors voted in December to allocate Dorothy Laver Reserve to become a dedicated soccer facility. Camberwell will continue to utilise Eric Raven, but this will be the Club’s sole ground.

Camberwell ran a hard hitting and diligent campaign for 6 months since the bombshell from Council proposed a synthetic surface solely for soccer. Council received almost 1200 submissions from concerned residents and Dorothy Laver users, including Lacrosse players and supporters. The debate was unprecedented in the local area.

As the ground is on a floodplain and was under floodwater after the Cup day rain on 6th November (imagine the impact of floods on a synthetic surface adjacent to Gardiner’s Creek), Council officers then removed the synthetic surface proposal. But Boroondara Councillors still voted to give the ground to soccer only.

Camberwell would like to acknowledge the support of Lacrosse followers everywhere who responded to the Boroondara Council survey and who supported us either
in person or via social media.

Lacrosse clubs should be aware that this could happen to you, anywhere, anytime. There is a static number of sportsfields available and the growth of all outdoor sports means that grounds are in high demand. Make sure that you use your grounds well to demonstrate that there is full use! Make sure that you promote the sport to Council and in the local media!


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