U18 Victorian Girls Team Announcement

Photo Credit: Lacrosse Pix
Photo Credit: Lacrosse Pix  

Lacrosse Victoria would like to congratulate the following players who have been selected to the 2019 Victorian U18 Girls Team.

The 2019 U18 Championships will be held in Perth, Western Australia.

The team will be led by Coach Cliff Jennings who is in his 2nd year of his appointment.

Congratulations to the following players:

Meg Bown - Malvern
Laura Braakhuis - Camberwell
Sarah Davie - Malvern
Emma Davie - Malvern
Alannah Hibbard - Footscray
Saskia Hollenkamp - Camberwell
Claudia Inkster - Newport
Georgia Latch - Footscray
Lauren McMahon - Newport
Isabella Murphy - Footscray
Indiana Smith - Newport
Zo-Ellen Stannus - Caulfield
Shaylee Stringer - Caulfield
Elisha Walker - Newport
Cassandra White - Newport
Bonnie Yu - Footscray

Lucinda Brewer - Footscray
Isabella Krbaleski - Newport
Alexandra McVicar - Williamstown Women
Rose Picking - Footscray

Stay tuned for more information surrounding the U18 team as they progress to the championships in April.


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