Southern Crosse Team Announcement

Lacrosse Victoria
Lacrosse Victoria  

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to announce the Southern Crosse team for the upcoming Under 15 torunament to be played at Altona in Septmeber/October.

Congratulatiosn to all of those who were selected and we wish you the best of luck!

Ted Jowett - MCC 

Lucas Brown - Chadstone

Ethan Richards - Caulfield

Miles Cowton - Camberwell

James Suffolk - Malvern

Joseph Shim - Caulfield

Lachlan Duell - Chadstone

James Arnold - Malvern

Matthew Harris - Caulfield

Zander Elkins - Chadstone

Mason Lewis - Camberwell

Jacob Spilkin - Caulfield

Dylan Harari - Caulfield

Josh Rotstein - Caulfield

Brandon Tran - Malvern

Xavier Ambrosious - Caulfield

Ned McKenna - Camberwell



Kobe Cook - Malvern

Nick Harris - Caulfield

Tom Whiteman - Malvern

Teddy Friend - Caulfield

Fergus Boyd – Camberwell

Marcus Woon - Camberwell

Coach: Anthony Rodrigues


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