Western Metro Team announcement

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to announce the Western Metro team for the upcoming under 15 tournament being played at Altona from Spetmber 30 to October 6!
Goalie - Broden Watson (Footscray)
Defense - Flynn Hogan (Williamstown)
Defense- Mason Williams (Altona)
Defense - Liam Gillies (Footscray)
Defense - Artchie Papazoglou (Williamstown)
Defense - Jesse James Phelan (Altona)
Midfield - Sebastian Flanagan (Footscray)
Midfield - Logan Tapuala (Wyndham)
Midfield - Rron Govori (Williamstown)
Midfield - Gabriel Nicholas (Williamstown)
Midfield - Ned Warburton (Williamstown)
Midfield - Bryce Emery (Williamstown)
Midfield - William Hayward (Williamstown)
Attack - Thomas Bennett-Hullin (Altona)
Attack - Caleb Rooney (Wyndham)
Attack - Tahu Roordink (Williamstown)
Attack - Eden Hanna-Roberts (Altona)
Goalie - Sidney Dunham (Williamstown)
Defense - Zach Wallis (Williamstown)
Midfield - Will Bowyer (Williamstown)
Coach: Kade Robinson and Sean Clarke

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