Lacrosse to be added to Sporting Schools

Lacrosse added to sporting schools
Lacrosse added to sporting schools  

On 24 October 2017 the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) announced (media release) lacrosse would be added to the Sporting Schools (SS) suite of sports for 2018. The Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA) welcomed this announcement on 30 October 2017 (media release).


Lacrosse Victoria (LV) is excited for this achievement, in this jointly conducted project to develop Quick Stix (QS) as the lacrosse product for SS.


For LV, this progression will enhance our programs and activities to continue to work closely with schools as we currently do through the School Sport Victoria (SSV) framework. We also look forward to the further progression of the suite of QS products to assist clubs in promoting lacrosse amongst the community. These products will assist LV and our members to expand our participation numbers and those ongoing members with our sport of lacrosse.


The acceptance of QS into SS for 2018 represents a long journey LV has been on with QS, after early pilots back in 2012 and a naming competition won by Julie Russ. In the last two years LV has invested considerably into QS with the ability to do so given the tremendous support of VicHealth. This investment of $225k represents a long-term commitment to our strategic priorities to invest in growth through building opportunities to participate and raising the profile to a larger audience.


It is important to acknowledge the work and effort by those involved in QS to date, and importantly we thank ALA for their investment to support the vision which LV had begun. The history of QS means acknowledging the numerous volunteers involved in our pilot programs. The coaches and support staff that worked with LV and ALA to trial and tweak the product through their feedback was critical. The paid staff at LV beginning with our General Manager’s, both Sam Watson and formerly Rod Kimmitt. The rest of the team with the key individual of Kristen Hutchinson leading the remainder of the LV office. And finally, the invaluable feedback supported through evaluation by the Centre for Sport and Social Impact at La Trobe University.


LV looks forward to an overwhelmingly positive reception and uptake of QS to cement it in the SS program well beyond 2018. For further information on QS, visit the website at




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