Lacrosse launches the next phase of Quick Stix for Melbourne Children

Lacrosse Victoria is launching a second new program for primary school children - Quick Stix Challenge, which extends the Quick Stix modified game program that three lacrosse clubs launched in March.

Quick Stix Challenge will run for five weeks (one hour per week) from 31 May for children aged 5–12. Altona and Newport lacrosse clubs will join forces to run the pilot program in the western suburbs, but children across Melbourne are welcome to register.

Junior Coordinator at the Newport Ladies Lacrosse Club, Ms Nicole Walker said, ‘Quick Stix was a great introduction for kids, and now we want to offer more game play but without the time commitment that junior lacrosse requires.

‘Kids get the fun and fitness of training and games, without having to turn up on weekends, so parents are happy too.’

Quick Stix Challenge uses the Quick Stix plastic sticks and soft balls, but focuses more on game play. The first session will be half skill development and half games, then the game time will increase for the following four sessions.

‘The younger kids can play Quick Stix Challenge for one, two or three years, while they develop their skills and become ready for junior lacrosse’, said Kristen Hutchison, Development Officer at Lacrosse Victoria.

To register, children do not need to have done the Quick Stix program at a club or at school. A child who is new to the game may still register, and the Altona and Newport coaches will help them with extra skill development. The two clubs will also provide all equipment.

From the Quick Stix focus on the three basic lacrosse skills (scooping, catching and throwing), Quick Stix Challenge is a chance to understand more about game strategy. Then, with their skills boosted by Challenge, children may choose to sign up to their club’s junior lacrosse team.

Parents can register children for Quick Stix Challenge at

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