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Quick Stix is a modified form of lacrosse, developed just for primary school children. It is simple to teach and learn. The balls are soft, the sticks are plastic, and the rules are flexible.

So, everyone can have a safe, fun experience with this fast running, fast thinking game.

Getting your child involved is easy!

The Moreland, Newport and Wyndham Lacrosse Clubs are running a Quick Stix Program, starting in March.

If your child is keen on ducking and weaving, sneaky tactics and plenty of fun, get them into a Quick Stix program today. And watch them fly!

REGISTER NOW at quickstixlacrosse.com.au

A bit more about Quick Stix

Children learn the three basic lacrosse skills: scooping, catching and throwing. From this starting point, children can move onto team play and game rules. In other words, children learn to love the sport before they take on its technicalities.

If they feel ready after the Quick Stix program, children can enrol in their club’s junior lacrosse program in April.

More great reasons to sign up

1. Both boys and girls play.

2. The kids will work on their agility, fitness, hand/eye coordination and teamwork. And these skills will help your child in other sports too!

3. The program is run on a week day (so your weekends are free).

4. The program is only $50 for five weeks of active fun.

QUESTIONS? Check out www.quickstixlacrosse.com.au.


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