2016 Victorian Box Lacrosse League Teams Announced

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to announce the teams for the 2016 Victorian Box Lacrosse League.

Due to a number of late player nominations we will be holding a supplementary draft on Friday October 7.

Provided you register by Friday you will be drafted to a team and able to play from week 1 (October 10).

Note: If you're not registered you will not be eligible to play.


Anthony Cliffe

Luka Cosic

Brad Currie

Garrett Moser

Travis Dawson

Adam Dobson

Michael Hamilton

Jasper Hanna-Roberts

Damian Hoar

Matthew Hummel

Ben Hussey

Scott Mackinven

Chris Miles

Jake Phillips

Tim Ratje

Cameron Scott


Coach - Greg Mollison



Jai Arambatzis

Blaine Boomer

River Bradley

Luke Burgess

Charles Connolly

Trent Cuthell

Hayden Dekker

Ian Dixon

Daniel Mentiplay

Steven Newall

Tim Nooteboom

Andrew Regan

Martin Smith

Cameron Wallace

Chayden Allen

Coach - Sean Handley



Jordan Aldred

Aaron Aldred

Pius Bonjui

Trevor Brennan

James Cleary

Steven Colautti

Travis Croll

Lachlan Mackinnon

Campbell Mackinnon

Keith Nyberg

Lucas Parsons

Julian Prasad

Tyler Reynolds

Jeremy Waite

Richard Wheatland

Coach - Alan Lewer



Paris Ahrens-Nichols

Jake Allan

Cory Ashmore

Jay Coster

Scott Filliponi

Caleb Hall

Aidan Lewer

Lachlan McDonald

Alexander Mercier

Michael Mravlek

Bradley Nowland

Liam Sedgwick

Matthew Singleton

Richard Tonelli

Blake Watson

Coach - Ric Benedierks


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