Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club (LMLC)

The ALA recently announced the launch of Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club (LMLC), a nationally focused lacrosse club for former female and male lacrosseurs, whether they be players, officials, administrators or supporters. LMLC is affliated with ALA and therefore have a connection with all state clubs. 

LMLC main objectives are simple: to help grow the game of lacrosse in Australia by reconnecting or connecting former lacrosseurs with the past (history), present and future of lacrosse in Australia. LMLC, where possible, will also help the game of lacrosse in Australia whether that be through personal contribution or financial assistance and facilitate growth of lacrosse in Australia.

Annual Membership fee to join LMLC is only $25. Application form can be found HERE.

For further queries and questions, please do not hesitate to contact LMLC Chairman, John Nolan at EMAIL or phone 0408038823.


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