Wyndham Lacrosse Club joins Lacrosse Victoria in 2016

Lacrosse Victoria's newest Club, the Wyndham Warriors, recently announced that they will be participating in the 2016 LV competition.

The Wyndham Warriors are aiming to enter two Under 11 teams for 2016.

Within the next five years the Wyndham Lacrosse Club plans to have four junior teams and one senior team. Wyndham is a huge growth city with young families moving in every week, providing fantastic opportunities for player recruitment and growth.

The Wyndham Lacrosse Club President, David Fairclough, commented "We are still quite young, but with an enthusiastic Committee made up of a great team of parents building the club has been easy.  We have also been very lucky to have such great support from Lacrosse Victoria, the Wyndham City Council and the Altona Lacrosse Club.

We have been fundraising and have received government grants which have given us a sound financial base.  Our goal is now recruitment and growth.

If we are to be noticed we need to be seen in the community participating in local events such as the Children's Week Picnic at Werribee Park.  These events have been enthusiastically supported by the local residents with hundreds trying lacrosse.
Lacrosse gives the youth and adults of Wyndham the opportunity to participate in a different sport, get outdoors, make new friends, develop new skills and work within a team."

If you would like to get involved with the Wyndham Lacrosse Club, please contact their Secretary, Verdene Walsh, at verdene@bigpond.com.

You can follow the Wyndham Lacrosse Club on Facebook here.

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