The Read Cup is decided this Saturday!

Victorian Indoor (Box) Lacrosse League
Victorian Indoor (Box) Lacrosse League  

Game 1 of the Read Cup Finals Series was a thrilling encounter, as the FURY defeated the STORM by one goal!

The series continues this Saturday.  A STORM victory will force a 10 minute tie-breaker, which will determine the winner of the Read Cup.  

If scores are tied following the 10 minute tie-breaker, the game will go to sudden death!

The RAGE and THUNDER will be playing earlier in the night to determine who finishes in third.

Between senior games the Under 15's will be on the court, so make sure you're there to cheer on the future superstars of the Indoor game.

Schedule February 27

6:15 p.m RAGE v THUNDER
7:30 p.m Under 15 Competition
8:25 p.m FURY v STORM

Puckhandlers is located at 2 Blake st, Reservoir.  Doors open at 6 p.m.  


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