Moreland Lacrosse announce move to State League

Moreland Lacrosse Club
Moreland Lacrosse Club  

The Moreland Lacrosse Club recently announced that they will be participating in the 2016 Men's State League Competition.  

LV's River Bradley spoke with their Head Coach, Tony Lovett, who gave his thoughts on the promotion.

RB: What has prompted the move from Division 1 to State League?

TL:  The Club has been slowly building both on and off the field for a few years and after a couple of very consistent seasons, culminating in a Grand Final, we feel time is right based on current player lineup and future prospects.  We are aiming to give the younger brigade something more to aim for and the more senior players a chance to show how they have evolved over the last few years. 

How much confidence does the team take out of a dominant performance in last years Division 1 Grand Final? 

We realise this is a whole new level of competition requiring a GF performance every week to have a significant impact at this level.  We aim to be very competitive and hopefully push for a place in the finals.  

Which players will Moreland be looking to for leadership in the coming season and who are some of the young guns who will excite?

I'm very reluctant to name names but feel the club currently has a good blend of senior players to steady the ship and younger guns ready to fire with a good mix of hopefuls in the wings pushing for their turn.  Players Pius Bonjui and Luke Dobson making the Australian U/19 team are hopefully good indicators of greater things to come for Moreland in the near future

Following three seasons in Division 1, what does a return to State League mean for the Club?

The earlier move to S/L was perhaps ill timed as it requires more than just desire to play well at this level.  Youthful exuberance is a great thing for momentum, but consistency and level heads are required to have an impact.  This move is seen by the club as a natural progression after increasing momentum to take out the 2015 GF.  In particular the 2015 season shows the maturity of the club in coming back after a disappointing end to the 2014 season.  This on field maturity is good for the club as a whole as it gives aspiring juniors an opportunity to try their hand in the countries top level of competition.


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