From Surrey Park to Denmark

The Danish National Team at a recent training camp
The Danish National Team at a recent training camp  
James representing the Big V!
James representing the Big V!  

The following story is from Surrey Park Lacrosse Club's James Robertson, who is living in Denmark and working to re-establish the Danish National Men's Lacrosse Team.

I grew up playing lacrosse.  My brother started playing at nine years old, so I was around two when I first saw a lacrosse stick.  I loved the sport as a kid and always dreamed of playing in a Senior National Team at an International Tournament.  I was fortunate enough to play for the Surrey Park Lacrosse Club, who were fairly strong when I was a junior.  The coaching I received allowed me to develop into a junior representative player at the State and National level.

At around 20, I was sidetracked from sports and the world beckoned.  I skipped a large portion of the 2011 Victorian Lacrosse Association season and went backpacking around Europe.  Shortly after returning I went to a tiny house warming party for a friend of a friend I had stayed with while travelling.  It was here where I met my girlfriend and the future mother of my son.  Less than a year after meeting a random Danish girl at a party I packed my bags to move to Denmark - a country smaller than Tasmania in size and Melbourne in population.  A quick Google search assured me that there were a few people playing lacrosse in Denmark, so I packed my gear.

Lacrosse in Denmark is chalk and cheese compared to lacrosse in Australia.  The whole Danish lacrosse playing population is smaller than the Surrey Park membership.  There are currently three teams in Denmark and my closest team is a one and a half hour drive.  We manage to play a few games a year and are working hard to re-establish the National Team.  The older guys at Surrey Park used to talk about 'the lacrosse family' and I never really knew what they meant until I moved away from Australia.  If you attend a few tournaments in Europe you meet some great people who will enivatibly know other people you have met along your lacrosse journey.  The family is always growing.

One of the guys we have come across was the New Zealand captain at the 2014 World Championships, who now lives in Norway.  After a few discussions we locked him in as the coach of our National Team.  Denmark has not had a National Team since the 2010 World Championships.  Our plan to grow the sport involves relaunching the National Team, with the hope of developing and improving enough to participate in the 2018 World Championships.  The first step will be sending our team to the 2016 European Championships in Hungary.

Follow the Danish Lacrosse team's journey to the 2016 European Championships and, hopefully, the 2018 World Championships on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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