First Round of Victorian Box Lacrosse League Complete

Round 2 of the Victorian Box Lacrosse League is this Saturday!  

The results from the first round of the Victorian Box Lacrosse League were:

R1 Saturday, November 7
6:15 RAGE 4 def. by THUNDER 8
7:30 Under 15 Practice
8:25 STORM 7 def. by FURY 8

R2 Saturday, November 14
6:15 Rage v Storm
7:30 Under 15 Game
8:25 Thunder v Fury

Please note that there is a $2 entry fee for all non-players, coaches and officials.  Children under 10 years old also receive free entry.  Doors open at 6pm.

Puckhandlers Stadium is located at 1 Blake St, Reservoir.





Aldred, Aaron Barden, Jakob Brennan, Trevor Burgess, Luke
Arambatzis, Jai Bradley, River Cleary, James Colautti, Steve
Benson, Thomas Campbell, Matt Currie, Brad Corcoran, Patrick
Cuthell, Trent Campbell, Sonny Gal, David Croll, Travis
Hall, Caleb Filliponi, Scott Kwas, Peter Dziadyk, Levi
Hiland, Aidan Fothergill, Liam McLachlan, Cameron Giobbe, Antony
Lettieri, Luca Freeman, Alex Nooteboom, Tim Gregson, Mark
Lettieri, Will Mentiplay, Daniel Nyberg, Keith Hamilton, Michael
Miles, Chris Mercier, Alexander Pain, Reilly Handley, Nickolas
Ratje, Tim Mollison, Kane Phillips, Jake McKenzie, Louis
Sagl, Mike Murphy, Brandon Prasad, Julian Regan, Andrew
Smith, Martin Pendock, Michael Singleton, Matthew Reynolds, Tyler
Wallace, Cameron Tonelli, Richard
Wheatland, Richard
Greg Mollison
Alan Lewer
Sean Handley
Ric Benedierks

It isn't too late to register!  Players can register at any stage throughout the season.

If you played Box Lacrosse last season you will be automatically allocated to the team you played for.

Online Registration Cost
Under 15 Player here $60
Senior Player (2015 LV Field Member) here $175
Senior Player (2015 non-LV Field Member) here $216.60
2015 Coach here N/A
2015 Official here N/A
2015 Volunteer here N/A

Season Dates
Nov 7 Round 1
Nov 14 Round 2
Nov 21 Round 3
Nov 28 Round 4
Dec 5 Round 5
Dec 12 Round 6
Break over the Holiday Period
Jan 30 Round 7
Feb 6 Round 8
Feb 13 Round 9
Feb 20 Round 10
Feb 27 Finals 

If you would like more information, please contact River Bradley at


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