August 29/30 Finals Schedule

It's the third round of Finals this weekend!
With Grand Finals for most Competitions both Saturday and Sunday will be massive!  

It's Preliminary Finals weekend for the U17 and State League Competitions - no more second chances!

Make sure you get down to Surrey Park on Saturday and Eltham on Sunday, you don't want to miss out!

Boys and mens finals week 3 - saturday, august 29


girls and womens finals week 3 - Sunday, August 30



Time Division Game  Ground
9:30 U13 GF Footscray v Newport 1
10:30 U15 GF Williamstown Gold v Newport 1
11:30 U17 PF Williamstown v Newport 2
12:30 B GF Surrey Park v Malvern 1
2:00 SL PF Footscray v Caulfield 2
3:00 A GF Footscray v Newport 1



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