2015 Victoria v International All Star Game Result

Behind the Back!
Behind the Back!
Image © Liss Ralston  

Last night saw the Surrey Park Lacrosse Club host the 2015 Victoria v Internationals All Star Game.  

The Victorians started strongly, scoring four goals in the first quarter to the Internationals one.  The second quarter was far tighter, with each team managing two goals.  With the Internationals bench overflowing with players, the Victorians knew that they had to maintain their scoreboard pressure in the second half.  

Following the break, the Victorians piled on five goals to two, which meant the International All Stars had to score at least seven goals in the final quarter to win.  The Internationals were relentless, scoring four goals, however it wasn't enough and the Victorians were victorious 13 - 9.

This was the first time that the Victorian team has defeated the International All Stars!


Victoria State Leage All Stars def International All Stars 13 - 9

VIC Q1 (4) HT (6) Q3 (11) FT (13)
INT Q1 (1) HT (3) Q3 (5) FT (9)


P. Kwas (4), C. Lander (3), D. Ricketts (3), C. Plumb (2), M Rodrigues (1)


R. Maddux (2), T. Haefele (2), D. Whelan (1), J. Stroud (1), K. Weber (1), S. Green (1), D. Hanley (1)


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