2015 ALA Senior Nationals

2015 National Champions
2015 National Champions  
The 2015 Victorian Men's Team
The 2015 Victorian Men's Team  

The 2015 ALA Senior Nationals were hosted by the Subiaco Lacrosse Club, from June 4 - 7.  Both of our Victorian Teams have reached their Finals, which were played on Sunday, June 7.  The Victorian Women won every game convincingly, to be crowned the 2015 National Champions!  The Men's team finished second, beaten by a strong Western Australian outfit.

Both of the Finals were live streamed by the Australian Lacrosse Network.  They can be viewed on the ALN's YouTube page, here.

Day 1

Victorian Men defeated New Zealand 15 - 4

MVP: Miles Blair

Victorian Women defeated South Australia 16 - 10

MVP: Danelle Mollison

Day 2

Victorian Women defeated Australian U19's 21 - 8

MVP: Lauren Hunter

Western Australia defeated Victorian Men 13 - 6

MVP: Jason Brammall

Day 3

Victorian Men defeated South Australia 13 - 4

MVP: Greg Allis

Victorian Women defeated Western Australia 19 - 8

MVP: Hayley Sofarnos

Day 4 - Finals

Western Australia defeated Victoria Men 17 - 9

MVP: Chris Plumb

Victoria Women defeated South Australia 18 - 8

MVP: Rachel Kirchheimer


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