Women’s State League Draft

2013 Women's State League Premiers
2013 Women's State League Premiers
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At the recent Senior Women’s Forum it was decided that to enable the recently promoted State league Women’s team to add depth to their squads that a draft would be held. 

The draft would be open to all players currently playing for clubs without a State League team and coordinated through the Lacrosse Victoria office.

This will be a one-off (season 2014) initiative to fast track the development of the LV senior women lacrosse competition by a) providing depth to the State League Competition, b) allowing individual players to increase their skills without leaving their home club and c) improve the ability of clubs with A and B grade teams to progress their development.

The draft will be conducted under strict guidelines as follows:

  • Only women from clubs without a team in State League will be allowed to participate
  • Players will be allocated by LV to either Caulfield, Eltham or Chadstone in equal numbers
  • Players MUST fulfil their weekly commitments with their home club before representing their State League Host
  • Whilst there will be no limit on the number of players allocated to each team, only four (4) may play for that team in a single round
  • Drafted players must still fulfil eligibility requirements if they are to play State League finals
  • Drafted players can represent both their home and host clubs in finals provided eligibility requirements are met
  • Should a clash of match times eventuate drafted players will be expected to fulfil their home club responsibilities first
  • A drafted player can only represent their ‘host’ club at State League level
  • No player shall be considered a drafted player without the specific approval of LV

To register for this opportunity players must contact the Lacrosse Victoria office at secretary@lacrossevictoria.com.au to register their interest stating their:

  • Name
  • Home Club
  • Position
  • Experience

Closing date for registration will be Monday April 14th with allocations made prior to Thursday April 17th.

Clubs are asked to support this critical initiative and pass on this information to all their players as soon as possible.


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