The Aussie Men Take on Japan

The 2014 Australian Men's Squad are headed to Japan for a 6 day tour. This will be the Squad's final stop before the Team and Alternates are selected to represent Australia in the 2014 FIL Men's World Championships. Read all about their Tour to Japan from Marty Hyde, Luke Keesing and Thomas Graham.

Day 0 - BBQ for the Vic GUys

Monday night, two days before we fly out to Japan, the Vic guys all gather at Glen and Karen Meredith's house for a team BBQ. It's where the excitement starts to build. We walk through the doors and all perfectly laid out on the pool table is our apparel for Japan and some of our gear. Any lacrosse person knows when they get fresh lax gear its Christmas all over again. Chris Plumb came prepared with his stringing gear and starts to string up his new weapon. Three or four other guys who can't string to save themselves see an opportunity to get theirs done, and before you know it Plumb has his work cut out for him for the rest of the night. That's 'mateship' right there. Sammy Bullock and Nathan Stiglich were slaving over the BBQ cooking up a storm. The spread that was put on was unbelievable. All in all a great night just before we head to Japan!! - Marty Hyde

Day 1 - Japan Here We Come:

As the days past the time draws nearer for our trip to Japan. Flight itineraries being checked, bags filling up with all sorts of warm clothing and sticks being touched up for game time in only a matter of days. It’s not very often you get to play for your country outside of World Champs, and the boys are all looking forward to the challenge as well as the cultural experience and diversity of Japan. We’ve all been working hard in the gym, on the running track and out on the playing field and are looking to make a big impression against a team who pride themselves on having beaten Australia for the first time in Manchester. Well we’ve got planes to catch and matches to win, however you’ll be hearing from us soon. - Thomas Graham

It's Tuesday, and it's departure time! Japan here we come! We have been training for so long now, we are all eagerly excited to actually play some games against some quality opposition. The Check-in ran smoothly and as there are a few spare seats on the plane the boys made sure they have a spare seat next to them so were able to stretch out on the flight! We have now been called for boarding, so next update will be from Singapore where we will have our stop over for a few hours before we continue on to the final destination, Japan! - Marty Hyde

Day 2 - The Gangs Back together again!

Singapore Airport - the stop over and meeting place for all of the states to join up.

The South Australian boys had 7 hours to kill there, so they actually ventured out of the airport and into Singapore. Steven Mortimer and Nigel Morton tell me they found some theme park rides to kill time along with an amazing lunch.

The Victorian boys arrived and were greeted by the SA boys. We just spent our 2 hour stop over getting food and walking up and down the spectacular shopping stores Singapore has to offer. We also visited the butterfly enclosure which was very disappointing as there were no butterflies! 

The WA guys arrived with only enough time to grab subway and head to the boarding lounge. Its 3am Melbourne time, so we’re looking at getting some sleep on this flight! We are now en route to JAPAN as a whole team!

Day 3: The Aussies Have Landed

We finally arrived in JAPAN after a lengthy few flights. Two 7 hour flights broken up with a 2 hour stop over, so 16 plus hours of travelling so far (for the Vic guys) and its fair to say were all exhausted! 

We were greeted by our Japanese tour host Sachyio and Cam! They showed us to our bus and we drove to Sun Route Hotel, Shinagawa. Really nice hotel and we're on the 16th floor over looking a river. But we were unable to check in, so we’re going to get back on the bus and head to the fields for a training session.

More to come soon from the Australian Mens Lacrosse Squad 2014 first day in Japan! Stay tuned....

Day 3 - Part 2...

So its been about 24 hours since we left home soil, we've had a training session followed by a bite to eat, all with next to no sleep. So we have heavy eyes and are exhausted! However its only 1:30pm Japan time, so it’s not time to hit the pillow yet!

Its sightseeing time! First stop was Tokyo Tower - kind of like the Eifel Tower but smaller. We got to see over Tokyo and get our mind around how big it actually is! Very impressed however we weren't satisfied with just our tourist visit at Tokyo Tower. We wanted to head into the hustle and bustle, big signage, millions of people and what we all pictured Tokyo to be like. We hailed a cab, took 10 minutes to get the cab driver to understand us and we were off!

DAY 4 

The last 36 hours in Japan have been insane! The boys had to jump off the plane in the early morning and be ready to train! Most on less than 5 hours sleep. We practiced on a dolomite surface which, for those who dont know, is basically like playing on compressed dirt! Was quite cold but good to get a run after 13 hours of flying. Today, we played one of the local university teams and had a solid 24-4 victory on a beautiful day in Tokyo! All the boys did so well and are looking forward to facing the Japanese national team tomorrow. 

Apart from the lacrosse we have been able to experience some of the local culture. Catching public transport has proved most difficult with the train stations being very chaotic and little or no people around who speak english. Dinner tonight was at a really cool bbq house where all the food came out raw and we had to cook it ourselves! Everyone is spent after a long day but so excited for tomorrows action!

DAY 5 - Game Time!

Congratulations to the Australian Mens Lacrosse Squad 2014 who have come up 2-0 against the Japan National Team. In their first outing against Japan on Saturday, 1 March, they had a decisive win of 9 - 2. However, the Aussies did not slow down in their second hit out yesterday with a final score of 16-4!!! GO AUSSIES!! 

To check out some great photos from both games, click on the album below!

Stay tuned for more posts from Marty, Thomas, and Luke about their fantastic wins against the Japan National Team! 


View the original album on Facebook here.


View the original album on Facebook here.


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