Footscray Shines in the 2013 Grand Finals

2013 Lacrosse Victoria Men's State League Grand Final
2013 Lacrosse Victoria Men's State League Grand Final
Image © Daniel Prior  

Starting with a hard-fought win over Williamstown Women's in the U18s this morning, Footscray Lacrosse Club capped off a historic day, winning their first ever Lacrosse Victoria Men's State League premiership! In doing so Footdscray are the first club in the history of the competition to win both the men's and the women's State League competitions in the same year*, and both by the margin of three goals!

Melbourne turned on some beutiful weather for lacrosse - sunshine with just enough chill to keep player temperatures down. The venue itself proved to lend itself very well to our great game, with spectators able to see from all levels of the grandstand.

Congratulations to all involved - it was a fantastic day of lacrosse for all! 

Final scores were:

U18 Women's Footscray 11 def Williamstown 10
U18 Men's Williamstown 12 def Moreland/Eltham/Surrey 10
Women's State League Footscray 9 def Newport 6
Men's State League Footscray 10 def Surrey Park 7

*Checking into this! :)


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