U15 Western Metros, Northern Warriors & Southern Crosse Teams announced

2012 U14 Eltham v Camberwell
2012 U14 Eltham v Camberwell
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U15 Western Metros Representative Teams 2013

Aldred, Jordan      - Footscray
Gibson, Callan       - Williamstown
Henderson, Lachlan     - Williamstown
Horvat, Liam         - Williamstown
Kwas, Peter         - Footscray
McDonald, Lachlan      - Altona
Morgan, Nicholas     - Footscray
Mravlek, Michael      - Footscray
Nicholas, Griffin        - Williamstown
O'Duil, Brechan     - Williamstown
Parsons-Quintiao, Lucas         - Footscray
Phillips, Jake           - Footscray
Russell, Lachlan      - Williamstown
Singleton, Matthew     - Footscray
Tither, Ben            - Altona
Trewhella, Reece         - Footscray
Cashat, Gabriel       - Altona
Cashat, Simon        - Altona
Kennedy, Patrick       - Williamstown
Coach   Manager
Peter Morgan   Sue Morgan 

2012 Western Metros Boy with helmet


U15 Northern Warriors Representative Team 2013

Congratulations to the selected players of the Under 15 Boys' Northern Warriors Representative Team who will compete in the U15 National Championships in Adelaide.


Boni, Mukund      - Melbourne HS
Bonjui, Pius           - Moreland
Gao, Bill             - Melbourne HS
Graham, Tim            - Surrey Park
Murphy, Jack           - Moreland
Newland, Liam          - Eltham
Pain, Reilly         - Eltham
Prasasd, Julian         - Eltham
Sunderland, Riley          - Eltham
Walker, Jacob         - Moreland
Lytris, Giacomo     - Moreland
Fransisca, Alex           - Surrey Park
Teleki, Matthew     - Eltham
Viney, Jesse         - Moreland
Baker, Hayden      - Eltham
Taylor, Emmanuel  - Moreland


Aston, Lewis         - Moreland
Bergamin, Spencer     - Moreland
Coach   Manager
Steve Newall   Kristian Sunderland


 2012 U15 Northern Warriors



U15 Southern Crosse Representative Team 2013

The Under 15 Boys' Southern Crosse Representative Team, to compete in the Under 15 National tournament in Adelaide in late September has been selected.

Congratulations to the following players & team staff:

Bown, Thomas        - Malvern
Broeks, Ben              - Camberwell
Chapman, Ben              - Malvern
Currie, Aaron           - Malvern
Fothergill, Liam             - Caulfield
Hudson, Conor           - Chadstone
Hulley, Nicholas        - Chadstone
Khoury, Max              - MCC
Krieger, Lincoln          - Camberwell
Osborne, Lewis            - Chadstone
Pragnell, Aedan           - Camberwell
Redmond, Fintan           - MCC
Ross, Harrison        -   Caulfield
Rubins, Alexander      - Camberwell
Taylor, Daniel           - Chadstone
Wood, Angus           - Camberwell
Reid, Mitchell         - Malvern
Myers, Sebastian      - MCC
Abram, Flynn            - Caulfield
Coach    Manager
Gary Campbell    Ellen Campbell

 2013 U15 Southern Crosse Team Photo


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