Sister Duo takes on the World

Marlee Paton playing for Loyola University
Marlee Paton playing for Loyola University
Image © Loyola Greyhounds Women Lacrosse Team  
Marlee Paton - Loyola Grehounds Women Lacrosse Team
Marlee Paton - Loyola Grehounds Women Lacrosse Team
Image © LV Archive  

The 2013 Women's World Cup is soon approaching and our Victorian Aussie players are training hard to achieve the best results in Canada. 

Sister duo, Lyndsey and Marlee, can't wait to play together and take on the world! Marlee is currently playing for Loyola College in the USA and is looking forward to catching up with her sister and fellow Aussie team mates in Oshawa.

LV had the pleasure to talk to Lyndsey and Marlee Paton about their preparation for the 2013 Women's World Cup in Oshawa, Canada.

Marlee Paton

Affiliated Club: Newport

Position: Midfield

World Cups played: 2007 (U19), 2009

Marlee, this is your third year at Loyola University in the USA where you are currently playing for the Loyola Greyhounds Women Lacrosse Team. How has your time been there so far? How does the competition in the states compare to playing home in Australia?

I could not have asked for a better experience here at Loyola. It truly has been the perfect fit for me. My coaching staff, teammates and the families I have met throughout my three years here have been amazing and have become like my second family. The sport is thriving here in the US, especially in Baltimore so the competition is fierce and playing at the college level is definitely different from playing back home, mainly due to the size and scope of the sport and the fact that every college team practices for at least 3 hours a day, and college sports in America are treated just like a professional team would be.

Marlee Paton - Profile PictureThis is your second Senior Women’s World Cup. In 2009 the Aussie team lost by 1 goal to the USA in the grand final. How do you rate your chances this year?

Last World Cup was heartbreaking, to lose by one goal when we were so close was devastating but I think it has made everyone who is returning and even new comers, hungrier to come back and battle for that gold medal. We have an amazing mix of veterans and younger players which will give us an edge against our opponents. We believe in our campaign and preparation and just can’t wait to get together again to play and do our country proud.

You are a young, very talented and influential midfielder/ attacker. Being a much more experienced player, are you looking to take on a bigger role in the team?

We have so many amazing and talented athletes on this team and I still find myself in awe of what my teammates can do at practice /games. I'm excited to play with returning players and even more excited to play alongside people I haven’t yet. I’m ready to take on whatever role that is going to help my team get a gold medal and that’s all it comes down too!

Lyndsey Paton

Affiliated Club: NewportLyndsey Paton

Position: Midfield

World Cups played: 2007 (U19)

You have a few Newport teammates playing with you in the Aussie team. How does it feel like playing together at such a high level? Does it give you an advantage because you have been playing together for such a long time?

It definitely is an advantage as we basically know the ins and outs of each other’s games and we know how to play to each other’s strengths! There are 4 of us in this 2013 team and I cannot truly wait to don the green and gold with these 3 girls!

What do you think your role is in the team?

Max and Trish have been awesome in providing us with constant feedback on how we can and do contribute to the team. My aim will be to run hard between the lines every game, play strong solid defence, be at every contest I can get too and hopefully provide a fresh approach in the offense.

Your sister Marlee has been away for a while. Are you excited about playing together again?

Definitely! It was an amazing experience to play with my sister in 2007 in the U/19 Australian side, and then to watch her in 2009 at the World Cup made me hungry to go for the 2013 team so that we could share this experience together and look back on it when we are older.

Abbie Burgess, Marlee and you have played in the U19 Women’s World Cup in 2007. Does this experience help you prepare for the World Cup in Canada?

I think any international experience is crucial in becoming a senior Australian team member, not only by having already competed at an international level but to gain an understanding of what it means and how much work you have to put into a Senior Australian side to be successful.

What tip would you give to young Lacrosse players dreaming of playing in a World Cup themselves?

Be prepared to work extremely hard and sacrifice certain things - the reward at the end is so great it makes everything worth it. Never underestimate what you can achieve and always have a go!

Lyndsey Paton Profile PictureLyndsey Paton 3


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