Aussie Champion to Head to Canada for 6th World Championship

Sue and team celebrate their 2005 World Cup win
Sue and team celebrate their 2005 World Cup win  
Sue McSolvin in action for Australia
Sue McSolvin in action for Australia  

Representing your country is the highest honor in Australian Lacrosse. To achieve that feat once is testament to hard work and determination. To do it at two world championships shows persistence and dedication. To represent Australia six times across almost twenty years is proof that you're something out of the ordinary. And this is precisely what champion Australian Goalkeeper Sue McSolvin is. Sue has been a force in Australian womens lacrosse through the years playing for Caulfield and carrying out her trade as a carpenter. 

Lacrosse Victoria had the pleasure of chatting to Sue. or as most people would know her 'Macca' in the lead up to her 6th World Cup.  

How did you start playing lacrosse? And how did you end up in goals?

SM: "I started playing Lacrosse because my dad wouldn't let me play footy because he thought it was too rough for a young 10 year girl. You can imagine his response when I came home from watching the little league program at my local school with a lacrosse stick and asked for $5 so I could hire the stick for the season. I fell in love with the sport as soon as I picked up the stick. - I ended up in goals because I was a wicket keeper at cricket and my dad suggested to try in goals because I had good reflexes."

Can you provide a run down of all of the Australian teams you have played in? 

SM: "I played in my first Australian team when I was 17 years of age but it wasn't until 1993 that I played in my first World cup team in Edinburgh -- and from then I have never looked back: 1997 in Japan; 2001 in England where I was co captain; 2005 in the USA and 2009 in Prague."

How many World Cups have you won?

SM: "I have currently played in one winning world team in 2005 but am very confident this team that I am trying out in can win again!"

What was the 2005 experience like?

SM: "Words can't describe what it was like to win in 2005. From the first day the team was announced I had this felling that nothing was going to stop us from winning (not even 3/4 of the team getting food poisoning two days out from the first game) I really can't explain why I felt what I did it just felt right."

What advice do you have for any young aspiring player?Sue McSolvin - Profile Picture

SM: "My advice for young aspiring players coming through (and there are a lot of them out there) is to train harder than any of their opponents  because what you do on the training track reflexes how you play on game day but most of all have fun and enjoy every moment of playing lacrosse."

Importantly, lacrosse being an amateur sport, you work full time, what is your profession?

SM: "I work for the biggest staircase company in Australia (Slattery & Acquroff) and I am a fully qualified carpenter and joiner, but over the past few years I have gone off the tools to become a CNC coordinator and also do the odd designing and drawing of staircases. I also look after the work flow of jobs through the factory so I am at work most mornings by 6:30am so getting to the gym for a morning session is quite hard. I try and get away from work by 5:00pm at the latest most nights to do some part of our program. I am currently trying to fit at least 5 to 6 sessions a week."

How do you balance work and sport?  How many hours a week do you spend training? 

SM: "Promoting women's lacrosse is a tough question but I think we need to get the sport into primary schools to try and get the kids interested in the sport before they get to secondary school. I know this is hard getting people to help out because we all seem to have full time jobs and getting time off is hard but I just feel getting to the kids earlier might help. I have recently also had another thought and it was trying to get involved in another sports that don't play during the winter and coming up with some kind of exchange program where in the winter they play lax and in the summer the lax kids play the summer sport. Softball was my first thought."

Many thanks for your time, Sue!

For more info' on the 2013 Women's Lacrosse World Championship can be found here


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