Robert Pettit Memorial Round

Robert Pettit
Robert Pettit  
Robert Pettit surrounded by friends at the Coburg Reunion functions
Robert Pettit surrounded by friends at the Coburg Reunion functions
Image © Douglas Don  

Lacrosse Victoria have decided to dedicate the opening round of season 2013 to Rob Pettit, a long serving Life Member of the sport.

He was a long serving player, supporter and official to his beloved sport, Lacrosse.

As a valuable member of the Past Player Association he became a regular part of the Coburg reunion functions. Wherever Lacrosse was played or discussed he would be there, surrounded by friends.

The back room of the MCC Lacrosse Club will seem empty without his presence and his place at the scorer's table of Junior and Senior MCC games will be sadly missed.

Rob was always first at the ground to open up and last to leave; some might have thought he was living there during the Lacrosse season.

He was watching the MILL competition, State games, Indoor Lacrosse, School competitions, driving Tennis competitors, and ushering Horse Racing patrons. You could guarantee he would pop up with his dry sense of humour. His talents were endless...

We will Remebr Him * 22/01/2013


Paul Clough
Lacrosse Victoria


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